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  1. Hello all! I haven't RP'd as a female in a while and I like to keep my genders balanced. I am currently in a few RPs but I am committed to making at the bare minimum four posts per week. But usually I do at least one a day. It varies, I'm getting over the midterm hump. That said I'd like to lay out some basic guidelines.

    • I need at least ONE paragraph per post. As in five sentences at least. Because unless it's an awesome RP with all the plot candy I'm willing to go the extra mile for...I'll get bored. Or I just won't know what to do. I need something to work on. Feed my muse!
    • I put 18+ as a just in case. Because I think sex can enhance a plot. But this is not a libertine call. I like plot, a lot, and even though I appreciate the daily dose of smut, I can't do that without laying some groundwork. Honestly though we don't even have to include romance at all.
    • I called attention to ladies because I like doing girl RPs with other girl characters, just like I like doing guy RPs with guy characters. I don't know why, it's just a thing. That said I'm open to guy characters, just come with a good idea and expect the romance level will probably be nil.
    Okay, so those are my three big 'uns. I actually have no specifics on what I want though...(But I will say I can't RP any existing worlds other than Earth, I don't know any well enough for that. If you want sci-fi or fantasy we'll have to create a world together.) In a plot, some random things I like are:

    characters that are neither good nor evil
    plot twists (if you throw me a good loop I'll literally cry with joy)
    horror(Stephen King is my sounding board. Books, not movies)
    moral conflict
    characters with balanced strengths and weaknesses
    So if you're up for it and have some ideas let me know!
  2. Honestly, I dont have an idea at the moment, but I would be happy to converse a roleplay with youuu (:
  3. Sure, you can PM me if you'd like
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.