Hey, it's Toni. :D.

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I'm not going to lie I'm brand new to this site - obviously. I know close to nothing about it but it's not my first time role playing. I've been role playing for around 2 years now. :cool:
A few things you should know about me:
  1. I'm about 5"5' with long blonde hair. -coughs; I'm gorgeous. :dust:
  2. I'm 17. :D. March 14th is the birthday.
  3. Writing is my passion and most days it's my only way to escape a long day of reality.
  4. People that chew with their mouths open drive me nuts.
  5. Brown eyes= gorgeous. <3.
  6. I'm taken, he's amazing. :)
  7. My soul is VERY stubborn, fair warning. ;)
  8. I have 3 dogs. (Romeo, Juliet, and their puppy Sophie)
  9. I wear a size 4 in pants.
Hmm. I dunno what else to say. I guess that's about it for my rambling. I LOVE YOU GUYS. [just kidding, I don't even know you]. Well, I mean I probably would... I just... yeah. I'm just gonna stop writing. Hope to hear from you guys soon. :)

OH! I almost forgot, I love to sing. It's my favorite. & the Notebook is my favorite movie. (:
Hello my name is Shadow Ike *cough* right now it's Snowy Ike for the winter. Anyway just call me Ike, I am the leader of Silverwing wolf pack that is slowly growing. If you have any questions please do ask, I will do my best to answer them.
Ho Toni! Good thing your gorgeous, cause it takes super hot girls to compete with ME the most awesome person in the universe! >:D Feast you eyes on my uh... eyes! *POSE*

Ahem! XD Welcome to Iwaku! Always great to have new people to play with!
Welcome to the site, I love the Jump In you started, and you're writing skills are awesome, I look forward to RPing with you and hopefully getting to know you, if you need anything at all, just ask me and I'll help you out! ^.^
Ho Toni! Good thing your gorgeous, cause it takes super hot girls to compete with ME the most awesome person in the universe! >:D Feast you eyes on my uh... eyes! *POSE*!

Nevah. I'm the most awesomest Admin here. I have a mustache. Which makes me awesomer. >:]

Welcome new lady. I'm Rory, resident jerk and insanity leader. Enjoy your stay and don't feed the Chaoses. Just trust me on that one.
Rory, your mustache is patchy and thin! Clearly Zypher is the best EVER!

Anyways, welcome! I'm Zypher your friendly RP global mod~ Ask me if you have any questions
Trust me on this, agree with Zypher.

Anyways, enjoy your stay, most everyone with a blue/purple/or red name will be able to help you at any time, but regular members are more helpful here than I've seen in other sites.
Haha, just what our men need, another nosebleed...
Diana currently has a cult following of suitors and I'm certain most people here would "date" Fluffy in a heartbeat if they could, so don't think you're without competition. ;3

I'm Kitti, it's a pleasure to meet you and it's superb to see you so enthusiastic~
We'll need to know a little more about you still, so if you could fill out this roleplay resume, that would be the icing on the cake.
Feel free to ask if you've any questions...
You're a sweetie, Kitti. xD

*starts chewing loudly with her mouth open* Sup Toni? Welcome to Iwaku.
Can I call you BROni? Just because I must find a way to add bro to everything?
@Toni: Welcome welcome welcome


@Kitti: "Date" Fluffy? I'm sure it's "Date Rape" with the guys around here. I don't count, I'm married.
Thats good to know, we're not spoilt on newbies telling about themselves here on Iwaku, so anything is welcome, even your pants-size.
Welcome to the site. The rest of the comunity seems to handle this so much better than me.