Hey I did a thing! Er, want to do a thing..

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So do you want me in your roleplay?

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  1. Hey! Hi! Hellooo! I have no Idea what I'm doing! hahaha!

    So a lot of roleplays I'm in have stagnated..I enjoy collaborative writing, role-playing with groups but woe is me right?
    So I'm here whoring myself out like the streetwalker I am. Looking for any role-play...like anything. I'm desperate :blah:

    So, me in a nutshell:
    • I've been role playing in general for only three years on and off..
    • I love writing, there's little more relaxing to me than writing if I'm stressed.
    • I have a very busy IRL life, with school and work...
    • I can and will turn out 3-4 good posts a week IF I have things to post against.
    • I don't mind rping on my own, but haven't had much experience with it anyways.
    • I put a lot of thought into my characters and the way they work so I do get attached to characters and the RP they are in, however I'm not above watching them die because lets face it angst is amazing.

    What kinds of roleplay do I like?
    I'm not overly picky but role plays I join must have
    1) Believable characters
    2) An open and willing GM
    3) Good side lines and distractions.
    4) A plot that makes sense for the world its in

    As for Genre I usually prefer fantasy, sci fi, steam-punk and modern life. Though as long as the above 6 points are taken into consideration I am open to a lot of ideas and plots.

    Confusion to your enemies
  2. Hello Rowdy!! I am looking for some players for all the RPs in my signature. Love to see you in one!! Thank you for your time!!!
  3. If you're interested, I have Fandomstuck which is sort of about the personifications of various fandoms. You can be any fandom you want (assuming it's not really taken), and the fandom characters represent sort of the entirety of the show and it's fanbase, as opposed to a specific canon character. It's sort of a difficult concept to explain in a few words, but the OP explains it in more detail if that sounds like something that interests you.
  4. Wow okay I had no idea this would get this attention already haha!

    I will look at everyone's role-plays now I guess,

    y'know I'm still, like, open to see everyone else's roleplays still
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