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  1. Hi there, I am open to anyone who would be interested to do a role play with me. I do every type, femmeslash, slash and boyxgirl so don't be afraid to ask, I love doing all types of pairing from masterxslave to teacherxstudent to just simple highschool romance, I can be as mature as you want and I can at least post a paragraph because now the holidays are going to come to an end and I have GCSE exams coming up so I will try to post as often as I can I hope some of you are interested so post here or pm me :)Thanks for taking up your time and good day
  2. I'm up for a roleplay! :P
  3. what pairing and type? love your signature by the way lol
  4. I also love my signature. xD

    Anyway, how 'bout... a highschool romance? Or do you like any taboo stuff you'd like to try?
  5. what's taboo? A high school romance sounds awesome
  6. Y'know, BrotherxSister, blah blah blur.

    Alright, so, what kind of setting would you like? As in, how should a romance be set?
  7. sounds interesting never tried it but willing to, high school setting, they could hate each other at school but then have feelings at home maybe, any ideas
  8. I didn't say we had to do BrotherxSister, but I'm guessing your willing to try it.

    And something a bit more distant would be great for my tastes. How 'bout, CousinxCousin?
  9. I hope this is still open! I was gonna reply about an hour ago but my iwaku wouldn't let me. Anyway, I have an rp I would like to do. It would be a masterxslave rp. The master could be a boy or girl and could be a vampire or human. I'll give you the plot if you're interested!
  10. Im fine you choose

    Sure pm me