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    *gives you a cookie*

    It's a pleasure to meet you, dear. ♥

    My name is Elixir. Feel free to call me Eli, Lix, Lixi, or whatever you wish to address me as. ^^

    I'm currently eighteen years young, and I recently graduated from the hell known as high school. I'm also a girl, just in case you were wondering. Though, does it really matter? :3

    I've been role-playing ever since I was nine or ten, so that means I have about eight to nine years of experience. From the forums to email to places like Skype and more; I've RPed just about everywhere. ^^ If you'd like to know all the various things I fancy or want to grasp an idea about my particular style, feel free to check out my resume. I filled it out for that reason. ♥

    I'm perfectly fine with group or 1x1 role-plays, though - judging from my past experiences - things sail much smoother when there aren't too many people involved. I'm not a big fan of fairly large groups, for sometimes there's just too much going on all at once. People get lost and confused, you know? It can be quite chaotic. Still, I always try my best to keep an open mind. ^^

    I'm many things all rolled up into one beautiful mess. My six word memoir? "I'm the definition of walking contradiction." You'll know what I mean if you get to know me better. :3

    Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this, love! I appreciate it dearly. ♥

    I hope to role-play here soon! ^^

    *some hugs for you, too*

    .. Yes, I'm very friendly.

    Don't mind me.

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  2. Howdy, and welcome! Your demeanor is just so energizing; it's nearly midnight here and I feel like I've just woken up after reading you! I hope you find Iwaku to your liking, or at the very least drag as much of the community with you as possible if you ditch for one reason or another. It seems to me like you'll be dear to many of us in no time, at this rate. :3
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  3. D'aww! I'm so happy to hear that! ♥ Thank you for the wonderful words, Sammy. :3
  4. Any time! :D
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  5. Hello Hello
    Welcome to the Hall of Stories where Reality is an Illusion and Illusion is but the beginning of madness
    Or in other words welcome to Iwaku ^^
    You seem like a really happy energetic person, you'll definitely fit in here perfectly with the rest of the locals. Although I shouldn't really say locals since we're all from different parts of the world called Earth as we know it.
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  6. Hiiii Elixer, welcome to the site! :D
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  7. Hi!
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  8. Whispers in the dark corners of the room while I pet my OverSized Tiger .. Fu fi ~

    Welcome to the Madness, remember we All are Mad in here..:3.

    Please enjoy your stay, and in case you get lost.. Just fallow the Flying marshmallows ~
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  9. Ahhh...cookies...I dont know why,but I've got a bad tastebuds for this few days...Never mind,anddd welcome to the nighborhood~
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  10. You got me at cookies. *Smiles and waves* hi I am Domeki Sato. I welcome you to Iwaku. I hope you enjoy this site. If you need a buddy just give me a shout. tumblr_static_natsu_happy.gif
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  11. Oh, wow! Thank you all for the wonderfully warm welcome. ♥
    This community seems quite interesting and friendly, indeed. I like you already. ^^
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