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  1. If you can't tell, I'm new here. *waves* I have been roleplaying for quite a few years now, and I guess I could be considered 'literate'.. Also, if you see me using terms you guys are not familiar with, it's only because those are what I'm used to from another site I am on (is saying that even allowed?)
    But yeah...
    My Lord, I'm awkward. u.u
    Uhhhhh...I like horseback riding and K-Pop? Does that make me interesting? I'm a college student and I work at a coffee shop? (I have such a boring life...)
    Anyways....hi. u.u
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  2. Wassup. We know the term literate, but using it can be frowned upon, as per core definition, it actually explains nothing and it's just an excuse for elitist to shoo non-elitists away. I think Diana has something like that in her siggy as she actually explains why.

    Just a second. Here is the blog. Outside of that, Welcome to iwaku, and I hope you have fun.

    Note: I never said it isn't allowed. I'm just saying that I don't recommend you using that term.
  3. Hello, Korey, and welcome to Iwaku! Please make yourself at home! I love all Japanese music, from animes, to Vocaloids, and I like country, rock, and other music.

    I think you'll be just fine here, as we have plenty of awkward people here!
  4. Haha, thanks for the welcome and explanation. I just hope I haven't offended anybody by using it. xD
  5. Thanks for the welcome! Oh, do you like Japanese Metal or Visual Kai music? Skywings is definitely one of my favorites in that music genre.
  6. Visual Kai? Don't you Mean Visual Kei? I'm a Kiryu fan.

    Not sure about J-metal, but I like.......Malice Mizer, and Dir En Grey.

    Sakanaction, is cool.

    But I don't explore to Much. High and Mighty color is too hyped(I still like them, for some reasons.). And I have issues with Asian Kung-fu Generation.
  7. Greetings new friend! Welcome to Iwaku!
  8. Yeah, sorry my friend was typing my message for me because she stole my computer for about thirty seconds. Honestly, she was thinking Kei was spelled as 'Kai' because of EXO...she can be very stupid sometimes.

    When it comes to music, though, I am definitely more into Korean music than Japanese music. :P
  9. Thank you! ^u^
  10. Don't worry. Crazy shit happens here all the time! I'm Infin, the cookie god.
  11. I only know PSY. And G-Dragon. Q.Q I know nothing about K-Music. Q.Q
  12. Everybody knows PSY. xD Okay, I can work with you liking G-Dragon. ^u^ Do you like his solo career better, or when he is touring with BigBang?
  13. *bows to le cookie god*
  14. I am the prophet of the great chocolate chip to purge the impur oatmeal and raisin cooies!
  15. ...seems legit. Chocolate chip cookies=life..and that is why I am a fat kid...SO MANY COOKIES OHMIGAWD
  16. I'd say solo. >.< Because I tend to like people when they do things on their own, rather than going as a group, for some odd reason.
  17. Fair enough. I still love GD with both projects. :)
  18. Another Kpop and J metal fan! Welcome to Iwaku dearie~! <3
  19. ...I get the feeling that you and I will get along very well, but thanks! ^u^ Who is your favorite K-Pop group? :3
  20. I must admit that I have an obsession with EXO... >////>
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