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  1. Hi everyone, I'm Ariamas.

    I'm a slightly experienced player from Roleplayer Guild, but I'm always learning how I can become better.

    I enjoy the majority of rp types, but I haven't tried them all yet. Video games, and TV shows are my biggest influences. I should read more, but I usually read stuff from wiki's.

    Anywho, I'm just going to look around and find a rp to jump into!
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  2. Welcome and I wish you a good rp hunt!

    If you want to better yourself, you may want to check out the Roleplay Institute's workshops and exercises while you wait for replies as they are quite good at going over the basics and the not-so-basic. :)
  3. Howdy Ariamas! <3 Welcome to the community!
  4. Hello hello hello! Sounds like you're going to be a massive fan of our Content boards! Hope to see you around the guild sometime!