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Hey hey! SpeckledStripes here! :)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SpeckledStripes, Oct 29, 2015.

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  1. Hey! I'm new so I'm just gonna' introduce myself and have at it! =3

    Hi, I'm SpeckledStripes Ir Bre. I'm 14 an I live in Indiana so that's eastern time I believe. I have a big family so I'm semi forced to be sociable. Lol.

    I LOVE drawing and writing and anime. And music is my life blood. Video games are my hobby (besides drawing) and I see myself as a confident bubbly person. So don't be afraid to ask me questions.

    personally I think Hetalia, black butler, young justice, and Psych are some of the best shows out there. :)

    I'm an America, but some times I REALLY lose my temper. But don't worry, I won't bring it out on you people.

    I'm not the best role-player but I try. I hope to make good friends here and have fun.

    Chow! ;D
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  2. AYEEE

    A warm welcome to Iwaku, Stripes(I hope it's alright to call you that, if you don't have a different name you prefer! :D I hope you enjoy your stay. If you ever need a helping hand around, feel free to shoot me a message~

    Also, video games, art, music, and writing are great! :3
  3. Thanks! And stripes is cool! Thank you =D
  4. My pleasure. :bsmile:
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