Hey, hey hey!! Guess what?

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  1. I dunno..... Wait, what?! I just asked you a question?? Well you don't get to find out, hahaha!!

    Anyways, I like roleplaying so I found this place and BOOM! I'm hooked. It looks like you guys run a pretty nice little site here, nice job bruh :)

    Plus it looks like its pretty easy to use and my dumb a** can't make sense of some of those other sites sooooooo..... yeah.

    But anyways I'm a pretty chill person so just about anybody could get along with me. Just putting that out there for ya :P

    Aaaaaaaaand done!
  2. Hi, fellow dragon.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku C-Dragon. xD
  4. HEY, HEY, HEY!! Hi.