Hey guys(;

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  1. Obviously, I'm new. You guys can call me Cali, Flower, Califlower, whatever :P I am from California, USA, and yes my name is Cali(; I like doing pretty much all types of roleplays, especially realistic and romantic ones. I'm about your average teen, I play soccer for my high school, goalies FTW(; Anyway feel free to hit me up with any new roleplays, I'm up for anything. Also, music is my lifeeee :D I like Imagine Dragons, Train, Coldplay, and One Direction the best currently. Hmm that's about it. I'll see you guys around(;
  2. You listen to good music. Welcome to IWAKU. I'm fairly new myself so feel free to hit me up for a chat as well. I hope you enjoy rping here. The people are real friendly, at least from my experiences. And enjoy school while it last. I miss it.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Califlower : )

    Let us know if you need anything
  4. Welcome to Iwaku! I'm Canadian but I've been to California a few times (Disneyland ftw!) Are you near Disney? Have you gone?

    Iwaku is a lot of fun for more than just roleplaying, too; be sure to check out the Content forums and join a few groups to meet peers with your interests! You can even start your own Blog to publish your thoughts!