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  1. Well, hello Iwaku, my name is Tempest, or SU_Tempest. I am a 23 year old guy born and raised in France, but currently temporarily residing in Arizona ; first time in America, woo.

    I'll start by pointing out that fellow member Steel Hyaena is the one responsible for convincing me to sign up here and discover this community. I will also point out that I am in fact physically at her location, I can hear her typing away next to me. As such and since we share an internet connection, she has been added to the "family members" field when I signed up.

    I am a 5 year veteran of F-List, counting hiatuses and periods of slow activity, and I still currently peruse that site as part of the local MLP community which I credit as the sole reason I'm even still over there. In other words, I do in fact play ponies. If you're over there and you know the name Origin Point, then hi! Your favorite pigeon says hello! (They'll know what I mean.)

    With that fact out of the way, I am also a tabletop RPG author, writing and running sessions for a game called MazeWorld since close to six years now, and since the system, lore, setting and fluff are all completely custom, I have acquired more than a fair taste for worldbuilding, character building and RPG system building.

    When I'm not busy with my game or with colorful pastel ponies, I am probably simply being my OOC self, that of a young French guy who is currently discovering America, and so far loving my stay in this country. I would love to make new acquaintances and meet new folks, and perhaps interest one or two people in playing in my setting, either freeform RP or full-on playing the game. And if I'm doing something wrong, please don't hesitate to let me know, I can be a little airheaded or forgetful at times.
  2. Well hello Tempest! Welcome to Iwaku! Make sure to take a look at the rules before continuing, just as a general reminder, and to check out our Newbie Care package that we have up that includes lots of free art stuffs and suggestions for roleplays!

    Feel free to ask any of the people in red, purple, or light blue any questions you have. All those lovely people are staff members and would be willing to help you out at any point in time. I myself find that ponies is becoming a part of my life, mostly in art. The way they are drawn is simple yet can be elaborated if needed, and I just really enjoy it. I haven't rp'ed that as of yet though.

    Go ahead and hop on over to our Discord server if you want as well, the staff talk there quite a lot and would be glad to accept you into the conversations. If you also enjoy MMO's a large group of us play Blade And Soul from time to time. Anyway, that's my bit. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me on discord or over on iwaku.
  3. Welcome to Iwaku!
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