Hey, guys, newbie here

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  1. So, I just joined this site, and I'd like some tips. I'm not new to roleplaying, as I've been doing it for five or so years now, but I've never joined a specifically forums site before. I was wondering if you kind folks could give me some pointers on how to behave and such?
  2. In general: don't be a dick to anyone! That's about it as far as I know.

    Search for roleplayers that you want to have fun with, and that match your style of writing/length of posts (let's not be liars and say that it doesn't matter to some people), then profit!

    But try not to ostracize anyone only by how they write their posts.

    Other than that, fill in your roleplay resume, that's a great help to make people interested in roleplaying with you, and then off you go to browsing forums and looking for a roleplay idea that suits you.

    Oh, and have fun, too.

    Hello, by the way!
  3. Hello! c: Where would I put my "resume", then, and what would I put on it? Genres and such, or...? /feels like an idiot
  4. Actually, there is a built-in Roleplay/Mature Resume. If you go to your settings, and then preferences, you'll have it there! Just answer the questions and fill the boxes with whatever is on your mind, and ta-dah! It should appear on your profile page. No need to feel like an idiot ♥

    If you want to put it around for people to see without going to your profile, here's a similar thread: CLICK ME.
  5. Well, if you don't want to put a bio or anything, you could go in jump-in roleplays. If you want to go in a rp and it needs a bio, go to the theme it is in and click the top forum. Not the one with the list of roleplays. The one forum at the top.