Hey guys Logic and I are starting a band

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  1. It's true. @LogicfromLogic is my new band-mate.

    We're gonna make awesome music and take the world by storm and become rock-n-roll legends until eventually we'll break up due to creative differences and personal drama with a huge chunk of the fanbase placing 100% of the blame on my significant other for stealing me away from the rest of the group. Oh and a bunch of people are also going to think that Logic died a long time ago and that I replaced him with a look-alike. ...But it'll be a pretty sweet ride up until that point!

    ALSO there's still room in the band for a mildly underrated lead guitarist or a massively underrated drummer if anyone's interested in filling either of those roles.
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  2. o.O Alrighty then! I look forward to your inevitable reunion thirty years down the road when you all need money again. :P
  3. In ten years when either the world is in flames or a PC hellhole I can look back and say..

    "Yeah, I got a personal message from this guy once. We were practically friends!"

    Totally right.
  4. I play bass k.
  5. I feel like this is some giant Beatles reference coming from you...
  6. Filthy longhairs!
  7. I'll wait until you find your first drummer. Once you start to get big the record label will pressure you into replacing him/her with me and then I'll join and do the most simplest of beats which may not be the flashiest, but work well in context.
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  8. I will be the critic who points out that the majority of your songs are stupid simple and that nobody should seriously be paying to make you a cultural phenomenon. But I will be told to fuck off because y'all will sing about drugs and love and "sunshine" so everyone will disregard critic and acquire albums. Several years later you will have a reunion concert with our version of Bon Jovi: Nickelback. Everyone will wonder what went wrong.

    Except us. We will know.
  9. I'll be the shrieking Japanese chick.
  10. I'll remember that if I manage to not be murdered in that time frame.

    Can't! McLogic plays bass.

    *looks around* ...I assumed it would be more obvious, but you seem to be in the minority in recognizing this.

    ...It's probably just because Logic hasn't shown up yet.
  11. To be fair, it's less what you said that gave it away to me but who is saying it. :P
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  12. Well yeah. That's one of the reasons why I thought it would be obvious. :P
  13. I forget, am I Paul? (Realizes they have forgotten to relay that they don't know much about the Beatles and just thought this would be fun. I was also very sleep deprived)
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  14. I will fite him.
  15. what part of the band will Henry-chan be?

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  16. Yes. :P
  17. I would bust out the turntables and mixers and be your DJ Starscream, but alas I retired. Sorry.
  18. I got a gun and I am very good at looking peoples adresses up.
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  19. Good thing you don't know about my 10 million bounty...
  20. Annnnnd now I'm worried on a number of levels
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