Hey guys, it's been a while.

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  1. Hmm...so any luck with that good/bad girl picture?
  2. Hmmm...do you have a preference for what kind of animal my girl turns into?
  3. Blair

    Words appeared before her and without much thought of hesitation she gave him an approving nod. She figured she could do good as a look out and would have preferred not to get in the way. She gave a thumbs up, mostly to herself as she bit her lip
  4. Hello? You guys still in this?
  5. Poor Poor Selena
    Shes got a hyperactive fox who most definitely wants to fuck her like a wild animals

    The only saving grace? Selena gets to decide when as Itchira wont rape her
    The down side to that? Selena has to spend that time looking at Itchira's monster between her legs, cause that bad boy aint going down any time soon, not with a sexy lioness hanging around
  6. Harmony nods, “Thank you for stopping by.”
  7. [​IMG]



    Someone take this power away from me
  8. Nope. I think it's in the right hands lol!
  9. Anya smile and continue working.
  10. Alright. The only other thing is maybe your 'tail manifestation' I kind of think you could get away with saying that falls under Kitsune Physiology. You may want to consider a 'lordship' like my virtual lorship there?

    Some possible suggestions are: Limbo, Mental Plane, Underworld, heaven/hell lordship, afterlife, then things like dream-world, elemental-plane, land lordship, nature lordship...although... Mmm...going with something like Land lordship or nature may not work since my girl is the one with 'earth manipulation'. Mmm...although I guess I could change out whatever ability there is....since we took data away from your girl. So it would only be fair that I take away whatever abilities that fall under your girl's domain from my girl.

    You do not have to, its just a suggestion.
  11. *Huggles Soulless* It has been too long...how have you been?
  12. *head explodes from all the hugging*