Hey guys, it's been a while.

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  1. I missed this place and decided to come back after talking with Porg and Frans about the site and I got all nostalgic and decided to poof back in and enjoy the site with my fondest memories. I best not go down memory lane on this place or I'm going to start crying, haha. I'm Soulless, I've been gone for a very long time and I just came back today. I don't know if I'll recognize anyone here anymore. I don't know if I should be considered an oldbie or a newbie now, I guess, haha.

    So hello everyone, I hope I'll continue spinning fond memories with all of you.
  2. I remember you. Dude that hugs things all the time?

    Welcome back, old chap. We've really not changed much at all.
  4. Blair

    Words appeared before her and without much thought of hesitation she gave him an approving nod. She figured she could do good as a look out and would have preferred not to get in the way. She gave a thumbs up, mostly to herself as she bit her lip
  5. Welcome back, now don't go running away from us again, we're an excellent drug site.
  6. soulless-brother!

    good to see your back dude!
  7. I remember you some what

    Welcome back to the Iwaku if you have any new questoins just ask and we can help you

    *walks off into the shadows*
  8. Hehehehe, thanks everyone! -hugs all-
  9. Weren't you like a 15 year old chick?
  10. and then Iwaku was hugged to death

  11. Aww c'mon Iwaku always survives my hugs.

  12. *Huggles Soulless* It has been too long...how have you been?
  13. *head explodes from all the hugging*