Hey guess what

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  1. what up, iwaku, you dirty ol slut.

    I'm back for like... whatever, however often I get off my lazy spoiled ass.

    How are you?

    I have a baby hickey on my neck. It freaked me. But my bf has monster hickies all over, as if he was eaten by a sparkly backwards vamp fag. He is proud.


    For some reason, he thinks having giant hickies is like... something to be proud of. Why?

    For one, if anything, I should be proud. I did all the work.

    Secondly, we could get into trouble. He's a marine, and technically I marked up 'government property'.

    I will never understand the penis race.

  2. Wendu got drunk?
  3. heck no, I give out monster hickies ON MY OWN TIME

    ALCOHOL is eww breath

  4. heck no, I give out monster hickies ON MY OWN TIME

    ALCOHOL is eww breath

  5. Harmony and Melody was still asleep with the blanket over them.
  6. He smiled and softly kissed her softly. "Hey."
  7. "I wanted to tuck you in."
  8. HER AGAIN!?

    But I guess this is the season of forgiving and being a good person, so I will at least pretend to be a good person.

  9. "Of course I know that." Harmony flip her hair gently.
  10. You're okay as long as you do not damage, destroy, maim, kill, or permanently alter him in any way, shape, or form, however tattoos are okay as long as they are not on the forearms or visible when wearing a short sleeve shirt.

  11. .....

  12. "I just thought you'd leave while I was asleep like always."
  13. "Something always comes up."
  14. "I could have given her something to read."
  15. [​IMG]

    If he has said something like this in the past, then... well...
  16. Astorath smiled as he helped her up.
  17. Harmony look around the room, "I just just my top off without thinking just now... guess I should get a new one."

  19. "Yet she strip Melissa down." Harmony hand Melody to him.
  20. "I'm very sure it's weird to see anyone sucking on someone else's boob." Harmony pull out a top from her closet and put it on.