Hey Girls! (And Boys that like playing with dolls! XD)

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  1. Have you ever played Miss Bimbo? I know I asked ages ago, but we didn't have nearly as many gurls back then!

    If you HAVEN'T, it's a really cool Fashion Doll game and I looooove it! When you level up, you gets of badass clothes to buy. They just released their steampunk collection. >>

    If you haaaave a bimbo, show off some of your super sweet outfits here! I love putting together outfits for my roleplay characters! XD


    And some other charrie bimbos!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I've joined! Edit: Figured it out! I'll update when I get in-game money to go shopping~


    Original outfit:
  3. Urge to troll Diana: HIGH.

    Lol, she's a bimbo.
  4. I share your feelings, Rory. All of it. FUCKING ALL OF IT.

    Anyway, my sis plays this. As for me, I'd just play Dawn of War II and change wargear.
  5. But I thought this thread would really be about 40K =/
  6. Hey look.

    They're all anorexic and stuff. AN EXCELLENT MESSAGE TO SEND TO TEENAGERS.
  7. It's a FASHION GAME! Get off your troll horses and go back to your guns and manry things! >:D
  8. I used to have one, she was all awesome, until one week internet was down and she was dead, and I couldn't feed her. So I gave up. ;-;
  9. *slaps a trollface.jpg onto a horse and rides off*

    Also, they all look the same. Just saying.
  10. They look like preps....... preps make Vay killllllllll! Vay kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilll Vay kiiiillllllllllllll Vay kiiiiiiiiiiilllll annoying preps. Vay cut them goooooooooooood.

    (though if there were something where you didn't have to grind to get items I'd prolly use it to make character pics. The southpark one doesn't count.)
  11. It's a massive cloning experiment gone wrong.
  12. Don't worry, Diana. One day, you'll look back at this time period of your life. And you'll say, probably out loud in group therapy, "Why the hell did I ever do this sort of thing?!"
  13. Oh Alan... I'm a woman and I like clothes... XD I'll be this way until I die!
  14. I'm referring more to your obsession with inane stuff like this. Group therapy in 10 years. Book it! :P
  15. The thread title isn't misleading in the least, so the guys who replied are obviously stepping forward to let everyone know that, yes, they do like playing with dolls. I guess it's just poor communication on their part in going about it. I think the other guys are just disappointed about what kind of doll this thread turned out to be about.

    G.I. Joe was a doll, and look at him. Hard to the core. Warhammer figurines are kind of like dolls too--really ugly ones--but dolls are dolls.

    Diana, what they really want to say but can't quite communicate is, "Why can't your bimbos be more like G.I. Joe or the Space Marines?"

    They're good people, Diana. They're progressive, equal-opportunity types who want bimbos in the military!

    ...and ONLY the military. :/

    And now to translate Diana's side: Everyone knows that you need money and/or alcohol in great amounts in order to get a woman to temporarily pretend she doesn't like clothes. If you want this thread to go away, pay up! :P

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    *flees from a hail of gunfire and tomatoes*
  16. This made me Lawl, because where I work, one of our clients is a huge Mexico-based baked goods company called Grupo Bimbo. (Fun fact: Grupo Bimbo owns a bazillion brands in the USA, including Entenmann's, Thomas' English Muffins and Lenders' Bagels.) Anyway, whenever I see Bimbo I think about pastries and this thing:
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  17. P.S.:


  18. I played it for a short time. Got bored.
  19. Compare previous submissions with.

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    And You'll see what CCS is trying to say.

    Though I thought the work bimbo was an insult, so surely this game is for non-bimbos to live the life of a bimbo and feel superior or just to surfill some need to know what its like to be one. And might contain a hint of parody.


    Not that doing something like this need justification, it all for fun.