Hey Everyone;

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  1. Hi everyone! I used to be a member here before but I had to leave because I got way to busy in real life and with my own site. We're shutting down our site and this was the one place I could think of that I really enjoyed roleplaying at so I'm back. (: I can't wait to get back into really roleplaying.

    I used to be known as SpiderMonkey or Honiahaka.
  2. Welcome back, Rose! *Chains you here and growls at RL*
  3. Ah, good to have you back with us!
  4. Hi Honi, welcome back!

    I just saw about RPOW shutting down this morning. D: Definitely put some thoughts in my head about iwaku's future, that's for sure!

    Glad to have you here! 8D
  5. Thanks everyone, it's nice to be back. I'm a little excited to just be a member instead of in charge for once. lol

    Diana, I saw your blog post about it and I'm super bummed about the site being shut down but it's sort of for the best. I hope you know that we're not just shutting down due to mature content. Our main issue with mature content was in the chat and such but we were having other issues with members not wanting to follow the rules. You've got a great community here so I wouldn't worry too much but just tweak your TOS about the underage thing and you should be just fine.
  6. I am glad it's not just the mature thing, but sucky about the people being pains in the ass. >< I had to shut down my former community for something very similar, and it really did suck. D: Then I was stolen by people from Iwaku, so I guess it worked out in the end. XD

    In any case, welcome here! 8D
  7. hey honi it's yume here!! just wanted to say hi so you knew where i was XD
  8. ​Welcome back to Iwaku!
  9. Greetings Rose, Welcome back and pleased to meet you!

    I'm Selenite, just checking the new arrivals once again.

    Have a cookie to celebrate your return!