Hey everyone, Vinyl's back!

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  1. Hey Iwaku Community,

    Vinyl here, and I just want to start this off by apologizing to those I left in the dark about my absence. A lot has went on in the past months, and I've felt like I'm missing a part of myself when I don't roleplay. I've kind of immersed myself in a lot of skype and facebook roleplaying during my break.

    A lot of the reason I stopped coming around was due to family/housing issues, and issues with those I live with. It's sad, because I had to throw a heavy duty deadbolt keypad lock on my door, so now every time I enter and exit my room, it sounds like I'm going in and out of a secure area in some high security building. I'm the only one that knows the code.

    Anyways, for those of you who don't know me, I'll say a few things about myself, to get reacquainted with those I lost touch from, and to get to know those whom I haven't met yet! So here goes.

    I'm Vinyl Scratch. My name is derived from a popular character from a television show called My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Season 2 just ended. Vinyl Scratch is actually a DJ, who goes by the stage name of DJ Pon-3. I chose the name because the personality given to Vinyl by the fans of the show fits mine to nearly an exact duplicate, aside from being a pony. Mainly, I immerse myself in roleplays that are post-apocalyptic, or romantic. I've recently gotten into roleplays of a more......adult nature, because I wanted to expand, and it's actually quite entertaining.

    See, I'm a geniune person who enjoys his roleplay, but I know how to separate reality from roleplay. I do put some feeling into my character, but not so much as to become COMPLETELY immersed in my character, linking what my character would think and feel as my own emotions. I've run into far too many people like that, and I find it destroys the roleplaying experience.

    STORY TIME! I actually had someone whom had gotten too immersed in their character, attack me over Facebook, saying I stole his woman, that if he ever found me, I'd be picking my teeth up off the floor, because his "woman" agreed to go on a date with my OC. I, being on my roleplay account at the time, stayed in character, telling him nicely that if he so choosed to stay far too immersed in his character, that it's no fault of mine if he's dumped by the person behind the character mine went out with. He proceeded to threaten me some more, so I chose to do some actions that went a little something like " *walks away laughing, head held high* You know, if you'd have just quit while you were ahead.... *walking into the distance, you can still hear his laughter* "

    But that's my latest roleplay shenanigans. I'm not usually an ass in my RPs but if you take it too far, I lash out while I'm in character.

  2. Welcome back Vinyl, I do remember you- and of course you are no ass, you said you were a pony, which is not the same.
    I like this avatar of yours more!

    Anyway, have a cookie, and see you around!

  3. Wooo! :D Welcome back!
  4. Roleplaying with the wrong sort can be scary :s I may be new here, but I totally get what you mean! Welcome back.
  6. Welcome back! Now don't ever get busy and leave us again!
  7. Good to have you back Vinyl! I was wondering where you had gone!


    I lay claim to this pony. He shall be a loyal subject of the Herd and the haus of Murr!
  8. So I come back, and immediately get told I'm not allowed to leave again, and I've been claimed? #imokaywiththis

    Good to know people missed me. Makes me feel special, though I really don't understand what kind of effect I had on this community. I am glad I've got friends in it though. *smiles*
  9. Umm hello there...person I did not know before X_X I shall call you Viny...-shrugs- I got a thing...a weird thing...so I add Ys at the end of names. Anyways, welcome back! I am Raimy or Rina >.< Ehh yes, I think that is enough
  10. I believe I've seen you around the forum before. I just wasn't as active as I should have been right at the beginning. I'll be more active as time passes though.



  12. -hisses back-

    He can choose whoever he wants >:U

    Stop being selfish and keep him all for yourself to do your wicked deeds!
  13. You sure you want me? Hahaha
  14. Welcome back, Dude. 8D
  15. Thanks Diana! :3
  16. Hi...person I've never met before -__-! welcome back Vinyl and try to stay for a while kind sir ,...unless that bull crap we call life gets in the way of things. >.<
  17. Hey there, Vinyl! Welcome back, it's nice to see you around again~ :3
  18. Ruikio, I'll see what I can do. Being a professional skateboarder, and training Taekwon-do will take me away sometimes, but I will always come back! This place is amazing.

    Kitti - HEY!! :D I won't be leaving for so long again, I promise! :)