Hey everyone newbie here

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  1. Hey guys I'm a newbie to Iwaku, please call me xxcookiecreamxx and maybe we all can do some roleplays together.
  2. Hey xxcookiecreamxx! Welcome to Iwaku! There's so much to do on the site and so many awesome people to meet! Hopefully we'll get to roleplay together sometime! :D
  3. That's a long name to call you all the time.
    I shall dub you... Creamie! Only if that's okay with you -nods-
  4. Hi. I'm also new. I have to say, this sight's pretty confusing. :S
  5. Welcome to Iwaku!
    Don't worry, it make look confusing at first..But after a few days of jumping around, you'll get used to it!

    Glad to have you here!
  6. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Its great to have a new face here in our community!

    Please enjoy your stay and have fun!
  7. Sky less night- be glad to roleplay with you pm me for ideas

    Thanks everyone for welcoming me and tetsuri want to roleplay together if yes pm me?
  8. Hullo. I'm pretty new here too. It's still pretty confusing but I'm getting the hang of it. I definitely enjoy how organized this place is and the staff are so active. It's really nice. Annnnnd I love Draco Malfoy too.
  9. Nice to meet you I like him too and Liam payne I was wondering if you want to do a roleplay with me if yes pm me
  10. Hi hi hi hi there cookiecream and welcome, welcome welcome to Iwaku!

    Have some, err, cookies, to celebrate your arrival.




    and see you around!

  11. Mmmm, Cookies and Cream. What a delicious flavor of ice cream.

    Welcome to Iwkau, madam! We hope to see you in some role plays soon! But why not stopping by the
    Academy first? It's a great way to get into the rping spirit!

    If there is anything you need, just let me know, and I'll be glad to help you!
  12. Gleek. >>; We don't allow people to have multiple accounts, and you're not doing a very good job of pretending to be a newbie... .__.;
  13. There's only one direction you're going now, Gleek.