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  1. Hello! :bsmile: What do these dots mean under Post Icons? Either way I'm clicking one, hehe.

    Anyways, I am an aspiring author with dreams of travel and a love for nature and animals. I figured that role-playing would be a pretty good way to keep the creative juices flowing! I used to role play a lot many, many years ago, especially Redwall and other sorts of book series. I have not role-played for quite a while but I love writing and I love the Renaissance Faire and things like that. As far as what I like to write about... I am really open to trying new things, but I've got to say I've got a preference for fantasy/medieval/fairies-and-wizards types of role-play. Magic is awesome. And I love animals, so maybe something like that too. But I am very curious to let my creativity run wild and see what kinds of crazy stories I come up with! :cool:

    A little bit more about myself and my hobbies: As I said I dream about traveling. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on Google Maps exploring. I'm also learning French and a little Hindi on the side. I love to draw, too; I think my favorite medium for the moment is chalk pastels. I think I saw a place where you can post your artwork here? If so, that's really cool! I love music, all sorts of different types. My favorite band is Sigur Ros/Jónsi and my favorite song is No Ceiling by Eddie Vedder. I also like to knit, meditate in the woods, attempt to track wild animals in said woods, and I love my dog a whole bunch.

    I look forward to writing with you guys!
  2. Hi there, Hibou~ An aspiring author, you say? I look forward to seeing your work at some point. I'll be going to check out your art thread soon for fun too.

    I must admit, magic is awesome. And so are animals. And nature...And the idea of travel (not that I could afford to at this point, and I've never gone outside my own country, but...It has been a dream to one day do so as well). So far, I read your introduction and see someone I feel I'll be able to get along with very well. :)

    Hrm...Meditation is nice. I don't personally meditate in woods, though I've done it before. The woods make a great place to write- I once did so a few years ago. I can tell you all sorts of neat writing exercises I've done. But personally, my favorite meditation method is either breathing exercises, mandalas or labyrinths. Labyrinths are really nifty, though I haven't found one I can buy...But I know how to draw one, generally, albeit a bit sloppy. They're a neat way to organize your thoughts and help you make decisions. But meditation is a great tool in general.

    Music is always awesome too. I don't know the bands/artists you noted, but I do love all sorts of music as well. I tend to listen mostly to world music, but other types are also wonderful.

    And I see...Chalk pastels, hm? They can be quite fun to work with, albeit messy. I personally can only do mild things with them, mostly landscapes. If I had my favorite medium for traditional art, it would be water color colored pencils. I had a set once, but can't seem to find it since moving. But they're absolutely lovely. I'd like to try more of other types of mediums at some point too...But I mostly work with digital art at the moment.

    I look forward to seeing your work and writing. Perhaps at some point we can write together!

    Again...Nice to meet you~ Also, I don't know what most of the post icons mean. Especially the dots. But you chose a lovely green~
  3. Thank you for such a warm welcome! :smile: I'm glad to hear that you think you and I will get along very well, hehe.

    Meditating in the woods is really nice, especially when you start having curious animals come up to you to check you out! And plus I feel that being out in nature is really soothing and grounding. I also like doing breathing exercises too, and walking meditations. I have heard about labyrinths but I have never walked one! I would really like to try some day though, it does indeed seem quite nifty!

    Oh and I really love music, too. Listening to music can be a lot like meditating sometimes! I love getting swept away by a song that just resonates through me. Here are three really good songs (gosh I will list a million if I don't stop myself, haha):

    I am curious to hear about what kind of writing exercises you recommend. Encouraging the flow of curiosity is definitely a good thing! I look forward to writing with you sometime, too. :smile:
  4. Hey there and welcome to Iwaku!
    The colored dots are to look pretty, so no worries!
    And I've seen some of your art in my poking around and it looked quite nice~
    I hope that you enjoy your time here and have fun roleplaying with us.
    If you have questions or need help, we have both Community 101 and Community hub for advice/guides/question answering but if you just can't find what you need to know there, feel free to ask!

    Happy playing~
  5. Hello and welcome to the Iwaku community. I hope you enjoy your stay here and get to RP with lots of awesome people!
  6. I've done various. For example...As a younger child, we did one where we were told to scribble for- I don't know, 10 seconds maybe (I forget the actual number, just choose a random amount I guess). Don't take your pencil/pen off the paper ever during it. After you've scribbled for the allotted time, look at your scribble and highlight the first image you see in it. The first grouping of lines that catches your attention, just highlight either with a highlighter or another color pen- it doesn't matter how. But then, after you highlight it, use it as a picture prompt. For example, I found an image of a fish...SO I wrote a story about the fish. :) It's a minor prompt, but nifty.

    Other prompts include peeling an orange for two minutes (you CANNOT finish earlier than that...or at least, if you do, which you're supposed to try not to, you can't eat it until the two minutes are up). Then use the feeling and the general act of peeling the orange flow into some sort of writing piece. I wrote a poem personally, but you can write a story or anything else from it :)

    There are plenty of others, but those two specifically stick out.

    AS FOR MUSIC: I don't use youtube much, but I'll take a look later. I should wait until my obsessive nature with a current song I listened to subsides. It's hard to enjoy a song when another one is still playing in your head ^^;
  7. Thanks you guys! :moose:

    Those are great ideas! I love the scribble one, I bet all that scribbling really gets your right brain hemisphere activated. I'll have to try these sometime!

    I just thought of an idea for a writing exercise that I have tried before that I liked: With your dominant hand, write as your "normal self," and with the other, write as your inner child/alter ego/whatever. As your normal self, ask yourself questions as if you are interviewing yourself (or just any sorts of questions) and answer with your non-dominant hand. The action of fumbling around writing with your non-dominant hand starts firing up your right brain hemisphere and it's pretty fun dropping into this alternate personality and being creative with it!
  8. Omgee, Redwall <3. I read a little bit of it and have to say it was WONDERFUL! One day I'll get the book again (who doesn't love adventurous mice?). Anywho, welcome to Iwaku! :)
  9. Haha I love Redwall! I've read all the books up to Racketty Tam. I was so into Redwall and Redwall RP from the ages of like 10-14, and I still have all my books from then! Makes me so nostalgic, hehe.
  10. The idea of using both hands is interesting, but I tend to write by typing...But it's still a neat idea o3o I want to practice writing with my left hand anyway, since I'm quasi-ambidextrous. Though with writing, my right hand does tend to be better at it. xD And yeah- the scribble one was really interesting and fun. I'd like to do it again sometime. I may use a paint program later and do it for fun~ There are some really awesome writing exercises out there though. Isn't it neat?
  11. Are you finding everything all right so far, Hibou? :D

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