Hey everybody!

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  1. Evening!

    I used to be a pretty avid writer / RPer kind of person - plenty of tabletop game nights, lot of writing, the whole nine yards as a youth. Most of the writing/RP people I used to interact with have since gone their separate ways, for better or worse. Following a string of misfortunes, I found myself incapable of writing, and shifted to different hobbies for a while.

    After a few years clearing the air, I've found myself wishing I was writing again yet still unmotivated. I went ahead and sought out some places to get back in the swing of things; nobody I knew in person was particularly interested in (or positively receptive of) it, and my tight schedule makes it difficult to attend some of the game nights in the area. and thus to the 'Net I went. This place seems friendly enough.

    I'm mostly interested in matters pertaining to what I've been studying and involving myself with these past few years. I'm getting close to finishing my Computer Science degree, and when I'm not in classes I've taken up work in IT and game development. I've also done some poking around with nuclear physics/policy throughout the years. Unfortunately my semester active hours are not conducive to rapid-fire roleplay, but I'm hoping I can bring my semi-specific set of experiences and interests to use somewhere (and possibly get a few decent writing-related things done).

    Anyone's welcome to drop a line if you want to talk!
  2. Hey Blackbird, welcome to Iwaku! ♥