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Hi all im looking to meet some new people and write some good rp message me anytime
Welcome to Iwaku!

If you have any questions the staff should be more then willing to assist you.

A good place to start for Roleplays here if you havn't done so already is to fill out your roleplayer's resume. It can be found under your profile.

Anyway, hope you have fun and enjoy the site!
Welcome to Iwaku, assassssssin! Kill any roleplays recently? :]
I bet a sympathetic assassin doesn't make a lot of money, if he keeps letting his marks go... T__T

I mean... Welcome to Iwaku! :D
The neverending story

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site so i hope to meet plenty of people that i can rp with consistently
Re: The neverending story


Hope you find lots of roleplays that can keep you occupied during the boring parts of your week. I'm free to roleplay mostly on the weekends, so if you want come ask me for a roleplay.

Goodday to ye~
Sleepy Rose Dreamer.
Re: The neverending story

Well, hello there! There are tons of people who rp consistently. You're bound to find at least one =p

I would like to welcome you to the site! If you need anything feel free to message me. I am normally always around. Except this Saturday. Saturday I won't be around for awhile. Driving back to school >.< Anywho, welcome!
Welcome to Iwaku! =D I hope you enjoy your stay here and make plenty of friends!
Welcome to Iwaku, Assassin! Dun kill me, I'm not worth the bullets. Unless you don't use guns and use something else. In that case...I should probably leave...

But not before welcoming you! :D

I am Iliana and it's quite the pleasure! Enjoy your role playing if you need help or guidance, let me know!