Hey all!



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I'm new to the site. Just been lurking around for awhile, getting the feel of things. I'm actually a little nervous to jump in , know what I mean? Anywho, thought I would just chat it up for a bit before trying anything major. Normally, I like to roleplay fantasy, magical, modern, medieval, with some definite romance.
Hello new lady! :D Don't be nervous! Posting like this is handy-dandy for meeting people. You could also drop by the Cbox if you want a crash course in introducing yourself to a few people all at once.
I'm Fluffy, or Andi if you prefer. :D It's good to meetcha.

One of my usual hangouts is the Writing/Art section of the forum. Have a look at our challenges for vocabulary, post themes and poetry! Feel free to make a showcase, too. We'd be delighted to see any drawings or writings you create, or have created. <3

Any questions? Please ask!
Hi arceim, glad you decided to stop lurking! I'm Ozzie, welcome to the site. If you're looking for a quick way to start roleplaying, there's a forum where you can just jump in.
Welcome to the site, Arceim. Don't be nervous we love new players! If you need help with anything, questions about the site, help finding a good game to join or whatever, feel free to send me a message : )

Also, like Diana said come chat with us in the Cbox!
Awwww, thanks everyone! If I need anything I will definitely come to one of ya'll =]
Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy your time with us.
Hello and welcome to Iwaku!
We cater to a variety of roleplay desires and from what I saw of your likes, we're very well represented. :]
The labels to our sections are generally self-explanatory but if you need help with anything, please do feel free to ask!
<font face="century gothic" size="2" color="#444444"> Hey there, Arecim! I wanna call you Arceus...can I? ;o -Thinks of pokemon when she sees her name. xD