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  1. Hey guys, girls and monsters and creeps and all you other wonderful interwebz people :) Name's Elizabeth and I hail from London and now live up in Scotland. I will admit I hadn't heard of Iwaku before, but on the day I was signing up to another site it seemed to have died, and a friend mentioned seeing this site before and I decided to sign up :)

    Feel like asking me a question either ask here or shoot it in PM :)
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  2. Hello, Elizabeth from London living in Scotland : )

    I'm October, nice to meet you. Is your friend a member here?

    Let us know if you need anything!
  3. Hallo Elizabeth! :D We're glad to have you! Welcome to Iwakuuuuuu.
  4. He was RP Guild, but said this looked interesting before RP went down, so I decided to hop here and find out :) And thanks for the welcomes October and Diana :)
  5. Welcome welcome! I hope you have fun here; you can always PM me if you're stuck, or even if you're just bored and want to chat!