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  1. Hello there! I'm Chip and I'd like to do a Hetalia rp! It would be a human AU or some other AU using human names. I have no real plot in mind right now, so if you have any plot we could try or we could come up with a plot together. I would like to do the roleplay through Iwaku private message, email, or some other private messaging service outside of Iwaku (i.e. Kik, Skype, etc.). We can do one pairing or multiple, anything sounds good. There might be some language depending on the character so if that makes you uncomfortable tell me and I'll make sure to keep it clean. Also, making out or talking about sex in the rp is fine but I will not rp an explicit sex scene.

    Below are the pairings I am willing to rp (the characters I can rp will be bolded):
    Spain x Romano
    x England
    Lithuania x Poland
    Germany x Italy
    Prussia x Canada
    x Japan
    Turkey x Greece
    x China
    x Finland

    I am also willing to do a rp about the Bad Touch Trio (In which I would at least like to be France, and I'd be willing to rp Spain as well), the Nordics (I would be willing to rp Denmark, Norway, and/or Sweden), or the FACE family (Again I'd really like to rp France, and would be willing to rp America or Canada as well).

    PM me if you'd like to RP!
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  2. I'm up for FrUk! Also fine with noncon and incest. Any ideas?
  3. Awesome~! Well I do have this idea based off of the Hetalia Theory, I don't know if you've ever heard of it but it is here and basically it says "Once, the countries were human, with their human names...For some reason, they died of some sort, and were sent to the world of Hetalia as purgatory." France's reason for dying was because he was a rape victim and male prostitute who got AIDs (there is also a fanfic about it here), and England's was that he was a drug addict and died of an overdose. (Here's his fic. You don't actually have to read any of these I just thought I'd give you the links in case you wanted to)

    I like this idea for a darker Hetalia FrUk rp where Francis and England meet (maybe they could be roommates? I don't know) and become friends or lovers or whatever. It would take place while they are human, a while before they die.

    We don't have to do this, its just an idea I've had in mind that I thought I would throw out there. I'd love to hear any ideas you have too if there is something else you'd like to do!
  4. If you're still up for it I love spamano, prucan and gerita like I love life. The only charachter I can't do in those pairings is Spain for some reason. I love the idea behind the Hetalia theory so anything around that is great.
  5. Okay that sounds great! And I can be Spain then :)
    Spain doesn't have his own theory, and prussia's is that he dies in war, so I don't know what you want to do with those... But the rest sound good I think? Canada as a neglect victim, Romano as a (physical) abuse victim, Italy has depression and commits suicide, and Germany dies in a coma.
    I was kinda thinking that maybe Italy commits suicide because Germany died.

    Anyways so a hetalia theories AU, set maybe when they're in high school or college or something?
  6. Spain needs a theory. There's so much to work with! ^___^ a high school sounds great (man...the newspaper club's gonna be intense)
  7. Great~! And yeah he does... Hm... I read one idea where spain was born into a poor family and died of malnourishment, but I don't know how I'd rp that... Maybe he is anorexic? I'm not sure
    And for Prussia it could be that he went off to war after he graduated, or maybe he was bullied (for being albino or liking guys or something) and the bullying went to far and they (possibly accidentally) killed him?

    And haha yeah that would be an intense club XD
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  8. Maybe he's always trying to keep people from knowing that his family has no money, because he's ashamed of it. He could be working the hours when he's not in school doing whatever jobs he can get, which would lead to stress and exhaustion. It would explain why he'd so fond of tomatoes(cheap and can be grown easily), why he's such a hard worker and why he's able to be happy even when he's always broke. I like the idea of Prussia being bullied, but he pretends not to care by becoming extremely narcissistic.
  9. That sounds good. I'm assuming the german bros live together. Will the Vargas brothers live together? Italy could feel guilty/stressed that only Romano is being abused, or maybe he is abused too and that just makes the depression worse.
  10. I think the Italies should be separated like they usually are, the reason being each of their families didn't want to adopt more than one child. That way Feliciano woudn't really know about his brother's treatment, which would lead to more stress as brothers, since neither knows what the other is going through, but both know something is wrong.
  11. Ok then should they like know that they're brothers and see each other at school and are kind of friends but aren't super close or something?

    And also would you mind being the one to start the rp?
  12. Yeah, that sounds good. And sure! Uhm, which charachter is your primary player and do you want to thread or PM?
  13. Hmmm I guess my primary one can be Feliciano. Who will be yours? And PM please!
  14. If yours is Feli then I'll choose Doitsu, and then focus as Prussia or Romano when he goes into the coma. If that's okay then I'll PM you in a little while!
  15. Ok sounds good!!
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