Herro. I'm Ducky.

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  1. Hello!!! My nickname is Ducky. I prefer it if you could call me Ducky. I got really bored on the last RP site I was on, so I decided to go on another site. This looked good. I can do multi-characters, mostly females and some male personas. The most common names you'll see is Lilly or Psyche. I do any kind of roleplay, with the exception of some erotica and the pregnancy deal. My charries are often very tall with some abonormality, with that either being able to cook extremely well or singing perfectly like the alien on "Fifth Element." I can't wait to start!!!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Ducky. I think you'll find that we have the best RP anywhere on the net here.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask : )
  3. Hello there im ChouGingaFinish im also new here
  4. Hiya Ducky!

    I'm a new member here, and so far I've found Iwaku to be a cool site. Roleplays always need more cooks, so I think you'll be welcomed with open arms. I hope to roleplay with you soon!
  5. Hello Ducky, ChouGingaFinish and GeekOut!

    Welcome to Iwaku, really glad to have you guys here. You should totally check out the Creative Challenges forum and test your skills! Okay, it's really more for fun but you should totally look into it. =D If you need any help, don't be afraid to ask!