Heroic Troll vs Bigot

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  1. Well, the title says it all. Read this (every single exchange) and laugh... or don't laugh! :D
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  2. If anyone asks, Robert is my patronus.
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  3. "i f*cking hate u"

    This is gold. I somehow doubt it's real, but it's gold.
  4. This is classic. It's where the 5/7 meme came from.
  5. It's pretty hilarious. I don't think baiting an easy target makes you a hero (like if you would do that on iwaku you'd be banned within the week. Maybe with a fundraiser).

    Like "so in a week" is comedy gold, but it's baiting plain and simple. Don't misconstrue it for heroism just because the target has some retarded asshole opinions expressed on his Facebook.
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  6. *cough* Asmo *cough*

    But yes, this exchange is amazing. "Are you gonna get her some armor for her big day?" Gold.

    Maybe not too nice on Brendan, but man.
  7. I think this was a reference to someone.
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