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  1. This is an experimental idea I would like to try, it would involve both me and my partner creating multiple characters whom would eventually rise to the top and be called heroes by the population of many towns and cities of the kingdoms they had saved or visited during their travels. Throughout their adventure they would encounter many antagonists, or various things that could aid them. Death would be apparent and corruption is also something that could possibly happen, but the main focus is to create a story that would awe the readers. And if a character had died they would not simply say, ''I don't care,'' I feel like we should grow emotional attachments to our characters over time and if we ever lost them, perhaps it would mean something to us.

    As for what kind of partner I want, I just want a person who has at least decent grammar, is helpful, and most of all.. is enthusiastic about the roleplay we are doing. That's all I want.