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  1. The city of Siegelburg. Your average large city. Crime, income disparity, pollution, overworked police, and efficient public transport are all a daily facts of life. Guns are mostly illegal. Handguns are restricted to police, as are semi-automatic and fully automatic rifles. Bolt-action rifles and antique firearms are legal with permits. Of course, the city realizes that criminals still can get guns, and other weapons, so non-lethal and less lethal weapons are legal to carry without permit. (I.e batons, pepperspray, tasers.) This is an average city of nearly three million inhabitants, but something new is emerging. Something special. Something powerful. That thing is you.

    You have been given a power. You do not remember how you got it. Maybe its mutation, maybe its been inside of you laying dormant. All you know is wierd things have started happening, and you didn’t choose it.

    Your character will be randomly assigned a super power. I have used a computer to roll for this power, so it is entirely random. And please, don’t tell your power to others. I want that to be a surprise.

    Now for some rules.

    1. Player characters can be killed, by NPCs and other PCs. The player of a character does not have to agree to the death, but I as the GM must agree to the death. This means that kills will need to make sense and the players involved will need chances to defend themselves.
    2. Don’t be mean spirited. This goes for general, but applies to the above rule aswell.
    3. I reserve the right to take control of your characters. I will only do this if it is the only way of moving on the story, and you are not posting.
    4. I don’t really care about post length, just try for a couple of paragraphs at minimum. THe major thing is quality over quantity. If something is happening in your post, and you have given a lot of oppurtunity for player interaction, you’ll be fine.
    5. Have fun and tell a good story. That is ultimately the reason we do this, so just keep that in mind.

    Now, here is a CS to fill out. Feel free to fill out each section with as much or as little detail as you want, with the exception of description. I want a nice indepth description. With or without pictures, I want height, weight, and build. Minimum.








    A Few Likes In General:

    A Few Dislikes In General:

    Alergies, Phobias, Medical Conditions:

  2. image.jpg

    Height - 5'4

    Weight - 120lbs

    Build - Skinny, but most of his body mass is muscle.


    Dylan Eric Robertson


    Nickname - "Dyl"

    Alias - (Need a power before that)




    Casual - Mostly just t-shirts and jeans with white running shoes. Dylan really doesn't care what he wears so long as it's clothing.

    Super Suit - (Again, need a power before I figure this out).


    • Strong-Willed
    • Honest
    • Determined
    • Acts like a Gentleman
    • Intelligent
    • Resourceful
    • Loyal
    • Kind-Hearted
    • Brave
    • Laid Back (most of the time)
    • Stubborn
    • Headstrong
    • Comical/Snarky (can be used to insult people)
    • Emotional
    • Sometimes forgets to think things through


    Dylan was born and raised in a townhouse located in the nicer part of Downtown Siegelburg. His father, Thomas, was a highly respected college professor specializing in the Sciences, while his mother, Scarlett, worked as the secretary at very successful financial accounting business. Dylan is their oldest child, with two younger sisters: 9 year old Elise and 8 month old Tina. Dylan's always been thought of as a good older brother and often acts like a role model to the girls. The Robertson's were quite successful financially which allowed for their children to have virtually anything they wanted. Despite being slightly more spoiled then other children in Manhattan, Dylan and his sisters learned the value of a hard day's work and easily managed their allowances. They were just like any other family: they got along well, they all loved each other, and everybody took turns taking care of Tina whenever she required attention. Mostly though, Dylan takes responsibility for her and uses his new baby sister as a means to practice eventually becoming a father.

    Dylan wasn't the most popular kid when it came to school, but he wasn't a nerd either. He fell into his own sort of social group along with his other friends which they decided to call "Inbetweeners", meaning they weren't popular, but they also weren't outcasts. He has a small circle of friends he really trusts that have been with him since he was 6 years old. They all had various interests and opinions on certain things, but somehow they worked well as friends. Together they formed a sort of odd friendship that most people would think was absolutely strange. They all had their places in the group: there was the "pretty one", the "super nerd", the "sports enthusiast", and so on. Dylan fell into the category of the "smart-ass" for his opinionated views and takes on various things. Plus, Dylan had always been able to make humorous remarks about almost everything, so it seemed fair to give him a new trait category.

    Dylan attends high school just like any other teenager. His strong suits are the Sciences (thanks to his father's home-lessons), English, Math and Drama. What he fails at, unfortunately, is anything involving strenuous physical activity, or violence. Mostly, this pertains to Gym Class. Dylan is able to keep up with everyone else, sure, but he's defiantly not the most active kid at school. If you had to rank him on a scale of 1-100 for how physically fit he was, Dylan would fall somewhere into the 20-30 range. Dylan has virtually no upper or lower body strength, making tasks like carrying heavy objects difficult for him. He's been trying to beef up not only for himself, but also to impress girls. Unfortunately after an incident in which the bar was quite literately "dropped" (right onto his chest), Dylan's gym membership was taken away and he was told to stick to jogging instead.

    Sometimes stuff goes right for him, sometimes things don't. He's just your average teenage guy trying to make it through life in Siegelburg.


    • Cooking
    • Video Games
    • Comic Books
    • Baseball
    • Photography
    • Drawing/Sketching
    • Playing Guitar.


    • Rude People
    • Bullies
    • Waiting in extremely long lines
    • People abusing each other
    • The way the police/government handles crime
    • Drugs/Drug Users
    • Inconsiderate People
    • Racists
    • Bad Films
    • People taking off his glasses (without permission)

    Allergies, Phobias, Medical Conditions:

    He has to wear prescription glasses 24/7 (unless his eyesight were to magically improve)


    Drivers License (acquired at age 16)
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    Name: Jewel Jemma McLawe aka JJ or Jem.
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 133 lbs
    Occupation: College Freshman at Siegelburg University / Plays Volleyball

    Strengths: Strong-Willed/Loyal/Honest/Intelligent/Outgoing
    Flaws: Stubborn/Melodramatic/Sensitive/Isolated/Overanalyzing
    Personality: A very wise and old-fashioned spirit; doesn't drink or smoke but still knows how to be outgoing and "wild". Only trusts her circle of friends and family. Determined, independent, and charismatic girl who could make the best time out of going out or staying in watching movies. Never complains and isn't picky. Emotionally just needs to belong. Mentally very tough and strong. Psychologically has a very confident and heightened sense of purpose and destiny.

    Hobbies: Cooking, Video Games, Adventure and the outdoors, horror movies, dancing, sports, fashion, exercising, singing.

    Skills: Engineering, Programming, very strong math and science skills, very athletic and physically fit, clever with words. Loves knowledge and can be quite the pliromaniac.

    Dislikes: Rudeness, Disloyalty, Liars, Immaturity, Injustice, Men who hit women, greedy people, conceited people.

    Appearance: Curvy and fit body; athletic and toned legs, abs, and mildly cut biceps. Peachy complexion.
    Attire: Anything from sweatsuits and athletic wear to flannel tops and skinny jeans, sundresses and heels. Fashionably versatile.

    Power/Ability: Secret ;)

    Phobias/Medical Conditions: No medical conditions or allergies at all. Afraid to never fulfill her calling.

    Licenses/Permits: Driver's License, Security/Encryption License (to create own proxy servers and certificates), Technical License. Siegelburg Campus ID and Parking Permit.

    History: Jewel grew up with a relatively cozy lifestyle. Her father always spoiled her, her mother always gave her those "girl to girl" moments all daughters cherish. Jewel was a regular happy go lucky kid, always making the A and AB honor roll at school. She grew up in the best of both feminine and masculine worlds, learning all about sports at a young age, always going hiking and swimming with her parents and sometimes even camped or hiked on her own as just a teen. She learned how to cook from her mom Bridget, who is a culinary chef running the city's most renown bakery called Cakewalk. Her father Alex works as a police detective after serving in the armed forces. She's the perfect hybrid of a tomboy and a girly girl. She's popular for her playing basketball, former high school status, and the occasional talent shows she wins for her singing around the local area. She aspires to be either a sports star or a singer, maybe an actress. High school she was known as popular but quiet, not really getting into any mischief but was a social butterfly. She graduated with honors and a 3.9 GPA that landed her a academic and athletic scholarship to 90% of the schools she applied to. She has many people she knows but a very small circle of friends she actually trusts. Inside, she struggles with her social identity and her calling in this world, and upon getting her abilities will have to juggle who she is with adapting to this newfound life of hers.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Height: 5’13"
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Build: Athletic​

    Name: Hector Faust

    Aliases/Nicknames: None

    Gender: Male

    Attire: Casual & Business Casual

    • Cunning
    • Hard Working
    • Amicable
    • Selfish

    Hector is the son of a wealthy local businessman, Gregory Faust of Faust Fitness. He used his privileged upbringing to cultivate a powerful boredom with the regular world, something that has fueled his decisions for most of his life. Despite the opportunity to go to a prestigious university with his father’s money, he decided that he would rather have fun than live life like his father had. Over the last eight or so years since he was kicked out, he has been a bouncer, a fitness instructor, a singer, an exotic dancer and now he has settled on being a drug dealer. The money is good and he isn’t taxed for most of his earnings, and he still puts singer down whenever he needs to supply an occupation.

    A Few Likes In General:

    • Money
    • Beer
    • Winning

    A Few Dislikes In General:

    • Being Outwitted
    • Losing
    • Fast Food

    Allergies, Phobias, Medical Conditions: N/A

    Licenses/Permits: Driver's License;
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  5. Age, 17,

    Name: Carter Graham

    Aliases/Nicknames: None that he knows of.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Short, 5"2'. Weighs 123.0 lbs. Small and thin body, almost childlike. He has brown hair, falling around his chin in height and hanging loosely from his head. His bangs are cut straight about a half and inch away from his light blue, almond shaped eyes. Has a pair of white, top-framed glasses.

    Attire: Always has on his dark, navy colored hoodie on. Pants vary, T-shirts are the norm.

    Personality: A light-hearted, and generally kind person to be around. Carter likes to spend his days playing games, any game really. He loves being entertained, making him crave attention in general. He'd never admit it out loud, but there's a reason he draws more in public than indoors. His love for games grants him a competitive streak as well, and it's not unheard of for Carter to be a bit of a sore loser. All in all, the boy enjoys company and the feeling of competition, but his lack of athletic ability leads him to board games or video games, or even just pointless bets.

    History: Born as the middle child in the family, he always tended to stay in the shadows of his "adorable little sister" and "genius older sister." At least that's how he saw it. This enticed a love of competition and a lasting nasty hatred of losing. Regardless, he did eventually realize that being so pouty all the time was a fairly jerkish thing to do, and around the 5th grade, he gradually started forming into his more friendly and happier self. Though those sore-loser feelings never really left him.

    He began drawing seriously around the sixth grade, when his art teacher took notice to a simple little picture of a cat that honestly wasn't super great. He grew into drawing landscapes and small animals like rodents or birds, but only improved on these aspects, limiting his range of ability. Through middle and high shcool, most deemed Carter the "Boy that's never changed," As he seemingly stayed his happy, competition-loving self.

    A Few Likes In General: Drawing, video games, competition

    A Few Dislikes In General: Losing, cleaning, signing,

    Alergies, Phobias, Medical Conditions: Has a fear of heights and Thunder, Has the common allergy against pollen, making spring time terrible.

    Licences/Permits: Driver's, with the smallest car he and his parents could find due to him not being able to reach the pedals on virtually anything. Tends to just ride his bike instead.
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  10. Name: Jason Yeager

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Skills: 127 I.Q, extensive knowledge of criminal phycology, history buff

    Positive Traits: intelligent, determined, strong willed, unmovable standing

    Negative Traits: sees people as tools, will do whatever he needs to win

    Back story: Jason Yeager raised his sister since he was 15 years old. Their parents had died in a car crash, his sister was 8. Jason worked multiple jobs to feed and house his sister. One day when Jason was 21 a man approached Jason and offered him a full fledged scholarship. Jason accepted and in 4 years he graduated top of his class in criminal phycology. He became a lawyer of the state to put criminals behind bars. 1 year after he was at home waiting for his sister but he didn't realize that he would be waiting a very long time. His sister was killed in a drunk driving hit and run on her way home from high-school. Jason buried his sister at the age of 17. That is when he snapped. He retreated into himself, cutting off most connection to the outside world. People only see him when he appears in court.

    Personality: He is very disconnected socially, he cares little to nothing for others, he hates people period.

    Family: sister. mother, father all deceased.


    Attire: What he is currently wearing

    Allergies, Phobias, Medical Conditions: amaxophobia (fear of riding in a cars), He is also a Sociopath, and a Narcissus.

    Licences/Permits: Holds three criminal psychology licenses, a masters degree as a defense attorney, and owns the largest defense attorney office in The city of Siegelburg.
  11. Someone just asked and so I decided to answer here. In case you are wondering, you guys will have just received you powers and will discover them by having them activate subconsciously. You will have to guess other people's powers with what they say. And please try not to meta game, in general. Just don't act off of information that your character doesn't have.
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  12. When's the IC coming homeskillet? :)
  13. Eventually.... Next few days. I'm sort of a procrastinator, so it will come..... eventually... but it will definitely come. XD
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  14. Having lots of great ideas for NPCs. One of the great things about being the GM. If I really want to have an interesting character introduced, I can just have him show up. XD
  15. The tension just keeps building.


  16. Toot toot motherfuckers. I'll start working on the introductory post to the IC tomorrow, but for now.... to bed! AWAY!
  17. Night! (I'm not far behind to be honest. :))
  18. curious. Is his height 5'1" 5'3" or 6'1"? I think you may have typed a typo just wanted to let ya know.
  19. It wasn't a typo, he's thirteen inches past five feet.
  20. so....6'1"?
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