Heroes and Generals (War, open sign ups)

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  1. The Gaia Defense Force. Defenders of Justice.

    In a word- overworked. The Empire of Gaia is-spread across an entire galactic arm, it's systems are constantly rebelling in the frontier worlds, and riots are common. The Empire has not found space-faring Alien life in it's Galactic arm, and the ones they did, basically committed suicide, fighting the GDF until they where extinct, and think's that it is the only Space-Faring race in the Galaxy.

    They where wrong. Meet the Ragon, a warrior-race of red skinned humanoids, who wish to put all other races under their boot. They have been assassinating several human military and political leaders, and killed the entire crew of the Freighter Lights of Gaia, and then sent it to the Alpha nine system, and then attacked. The Humans have been fighting a defensive war ever since, slowly losing ground.

    The GDF have been trying their hardest to win the war, know there is no alternative besides slavery and extinction. They have tried most conventional military tactics, in which the Ragon shot down every time. The only one being Successful was the founding of the Specters, human Supersoldiers founded from the best of the best in the GDF. The Specters have been found to be brutally effective, and are one of the only thing's keeping the GDF in the war.

    In this RP, we will play as Regiments of Battlegroup C. I will control our Air Support and such.
    Our Infantry units.
    Marines-The Rank-and-file soldier of the GDF, well-trained and equipped. They are armed with a variety of weapons, mostly the M-87 Assault rifle. Most of our men will be Marines.
    Marine Equipment (open)
    M-1668 Utility Vehicle-Armed with 12.7mm machine gun

    M7A2 Main Battle Tank-Armed with 120mm Gauss gun and 12.7mm machine gun. Has a crew of three.

    M-6 Scimitar IFV-Armed with 30mm Gauss Gun and missiles, can carry a squad of soldiers.

    M-9 Fast Response Tank-Armed with 115mm Gauss Gun and 12.7mm machine gun.

    M137 Quad AA cannon-Used both on Ships (M137S) and on the ground (M137L), it is armed with 4x 40 Gauss cannons.We will use this as a Defensive structure.

    M-87 Assault Rifle.

    F-106 Muti-Role Starfighter-Armed with 35mm Rotary cannons, missiles and boms

    Marine's with M-36 and M-37 Helmets. Armed with M-87 9x24mm Assault Rifle, M-67 LSAT-A 10x24mm LMG,M-99 Missile Launcher-a 90mm AT missile launcher, M-98 MANPAD, and M-12 .50 cal (compact) pistol.

    F-108 Space/Air Superiority Fighter-Armed with 35mm Rotary cannons and missiles

    A-70 CAS aircraft-Armed with 40mm Rotary cannons, missiles and smart bombs.

    M-67 LSAT.

    M-88 DMR-Fires a 10x24mm Round.

    M-12 Pistol.

    M-102 Main Battle Tank-Armed with 145mm Gauss gun and 12.7mm machine gun in RCW's.

    UH-90-Transport helicopter, can be equipped with a variety of weapons.

    AH-74-Attack Helicopter, armed with a 35mm Chain gun and missiles.

    Marine Players (Unlimited):

    Venators-Latin for Hunter, the Venators are the Elite Light Infantry of the GDF ,equipped with the M-57 DMR, they typically deploy in M-66 Recon Vehicles, and use the M-9 Fast response(In other words, Light) tank, for fire support.

    Equipment-Basically the Same as the Marines, but with more DMR's and Fast Response tanks.
    Venator Players (0/5)

    Mountaineers-Well built and big men (The Typical Mountaineer stands at 6.1) The Mountaineers are considered heavy infantry, used to support assaults and such. They favor the M-102 Main Battle Tank, for it's ability to take and deal out punishment (Like most GDF tanks, the M-102 is like if a M1 Abrams, Challenger 2 and Leopard 2A4 had a baby.)
    Equipment:Basically the Same as the Marines but with more M-102's and LSAT's.

    Mountaineer Players (0/10)

    Mobile Troopers-The Shock and drop troops, they are just below Specters on the totem pole. They are first ones to go in and last ones out.

    Mobile Trooper Equipment:M-67 Drop Tank-Armed with 105mm Gauss gun and 12.7mm machine gun in RCW's. Only about 60-90 per Mobile Trooper Regiment


    M-87C Carbine.

    M-12 .50 cal (Compact) pistol

    M-99 SMAW-Can be used as both a Anti-Fortification and vehicle weapon, fires 85mm rockets.

    M-87 Drop Howitzer fires a 75mm shell and has a range of 4,000 yards.

    M-1668 Drop Variant.

    Mobile Trooper Players (0/3)

    Timeline (open)
    2234-Human politicians and military leaders begin to be assassinated by the Ragon.
    July First, 2234: Freighter Lights of Gaia reports contact with alien race.They never respond to the messages sent afterward.
    July Second :Lights of Gaia is found floating derelict near Alpha Nine system, near Eden Five, marine contingent sent to board Lights of Gaia find all crew members dead.
    July Third :Fleet of ships appears over Eden five, destroying it's own defensive fleet in a matter of minutes.
    July 15th : Contact is lost with Eden Five.
    July 20th: 2nd fleet is sent to Eden Five to investigate. Messages sent indicate massive, overpowering enemy fleets. 2nd Fleet never returns.
    August: Contact is lost with Eden Four and Three. 2 fleets are sent. They never come back.
    September: Contact is lost with Alpha nine system, A state of war is declared.
    2234: Contact is lost with 5 more systems.Specters are founded.
    2235: All fleets are mobilized for war, contact is lost with an additional 8 systems.Specters take out the Ragon Lord Kuluthi
    2236:The Ragon appear over Allain, after five months of vicious battle, the battle is lost with only 2,000 marines and 200 ships getting out. Several more systems soon fall after.
    2237-Battle of Kour happens, ending in with Kour under Ragon control.
    2237-Battle of Adea happens, the first human victory in the war.
    2238-Current year, no sight of any Ragon for a month now.

    Rules:All NS rules apply.
    No Godmodding or Metagaming.
    I will control our Air support.
    We will all play as Regiments.
    Have fun and kick some ass.

    Regiment Name:
    Regiment type(Marines, Mobile Troopers,Mountaineers or Venators)
    Leader name:
    Number of Soldiers:
    Number of Vehicles by type:
    Combat History:
  2. I have a question...

    You see, I have found that you can only put people in rough classes, instead of where everything is controlled, in which no one would like to play, because they can't have a more personalized character. If I were to join, then I would be a Tank Commander, with these tanks:

    11 Heavy Mammoth Tanks, 4 Mobile Heavy Anti-air tanks, and 3 repair vehicles would probably be the tank regiment.

    If I can't be a tank commander, then I'd probably be more of a Havoc agent: They are basically commandoes, except their specialty is medium-range weapons, such as SMGs and assault rifles, or perhaps heavier weapons, like anti-air missile launchers or HE-round heavy rifles.
  3. Also, Specters? Taking a page out of Mass Effect, are we?
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