Heroeos of the Sun - The Siege of Redpool

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    Lifetimes ago, an ancient kingdom had ruled all of the known world, it was known as the Kingdom of Stars because it’s homeland’s sky was blessed with direct visions of the heavens. Stars, clouds and other worlds in colors you couldn’t even begin to comprehend.

    These people had ruled over all others because the pictures of the heavens had given them easier access to the divine powers of our world. They were blessed by the gods.

    They had ruled a golden age over the span of several millennia. The Kingdom of Stars had erected walls all around the kingdom spanning almost the entire world. But even the tallest and strongest walls can be broken or climbed over.

    It had been suspected that it was one of the barbarians that had assassinated the King. The villain had escaped before the guards could capture him. The King’s young son had inherited the Throne. Some had said he was unfit for King. They were right.

    The Kingdom of Stars had plummeted out of it’s prime, pirates, orcs, barbarians and demons had all gotten past the walls due to the King’s foolishness. But if we live past failure we learn from it. The King had mastered the arts needed by a King and a commander. But it was too late.

    The Kingdom of stars had been pushed back into it’s homeland, several lords bore the sigil of the Lich Zennifer, plenty more had split off into other realms. Hope was lost for the Kingdom of Stars. Of course that was until the King formed a band of knights called “The Heroes of the Sun.”

    These knights were chosen for their outstanding ability, all of them had exceeding power in their divinations. Some were casters with the ability to sprout forests from their hands, some were fighters who could multiple themselves, fly or a giant’s cleaver with a single hand. But they were all special and chosen for a reason.

    Some were corrupt and vile, others were the most noble beings but they all had been chosen and they all accepted the offering for their own reasons but they all had one thing in common. They all swore to fight against evil and only serve good. Whether they meant it or not is a different matter.

    Their first venture would be told throughout the ages, never forgotten. It would give soldiers hope, Kings guidance and possibly children nightmares or the most fantastic dreams. They were to fight against the evil Lich Zennifer as he sieged Redpool, a city in the Kingdom of Stars that was the gateway of the realm. It couldn’t fall.


    Your knights divination is a power that tends to be unique to them. Whether it’s the ability to cast fireballs or spawn a horse each knight has one and they are classified into different elements.

    1. Earth - It is known that Sir Mino could spawn a wall of trees from his hands.

    2. Fire - Old King Jelka could make his eyes burn like a dragons and he could see through any lie or gimmick.

    3. Water - Ice filled his throat as Barnaby spoke the those words. “Verdictum Kerios.”

    4. Steel - And then Gregor threw down his axe and grew to the size of a castle tower. ( Or... ) And then Gregor knocked his axe against the ground and it turned into a sword bigger than his arm.

    5. Summoning - Kal the rancher’s farm had been put to the torch. But as always with a flick of his hand he had new horses come from the horizon.

    6. Mind - Simon had said get on your knees and the men against their will got on their knees.

    Feel free to make elements up! If I don’t like them I’ll PM you about it and then you can edit your post!

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    Name: ( Your entire birth name. )
    Nickname: ( What you are called. )
    Appearance: ( Pictures are fine but include a description and also try to include not just physical appearance but demeanor and style. )
    Divination: ( Power given to you by the gods. See chart above. Write element and then specific power. )
    History: ( Include your upbringing, then whatever is in between like knighthood, lordship or other, then why you were picked for the Heroes of the Sun and why you joined. )

    I will post my knight soon! I will post announcements, they will have a big !Announcement! tag like so.

    I would like for you to be able to post a quality post every fortnight ( Three days. ) but it would be awesome if you could post at least every day and if not more.

    Feel free to ask any questions / concerns / etc.
  2. [I wonder if I could join... I'm fairly new to this page, but I'll give my best!]

    Name: Adso d'Erzenli IV

    Nickname: Kipps. "Short and Sticky! Like boogers!".

    Appearance: Barely measuring 150 cm, Adso is one strange child. His always covered dirt and dust face is, to the naked eye, the same as any other brat of his age. But, looking closer and paying attention, you may notice he is quite different from his fellow partners. His face, unlike other children's, expresses wisdom and intelligence, while not taking that air of joy and mischief, specific from children. He has green, big eyes, always wide open for any small detail he might find interesting. His big nose is something you might easily notice, also being part of some of his many jokes. He has two missing teeth, one of which is already growing back. His voice hasn't developed yet to be the one of a man, so he still has that funny, cute voice children tend to have.

    Personality: His intelligence and skill are his greatest virtues. Unfortunately, patience and stillness, aren't. His impish nature has became one of the most problematic characteristics of the child, as this has caused troubles more than once with the Knighthood, and he always seeks to learn something new, whatever that is. He will always find use to it. Always.

    Divination: Mind - He concentrates energy from the outside, accelerating his mental processes 25x, but exhausting him faster. This makes him a great Mathematician, and overall, inventor.

    He also has sharper senses than the average person.

    History: Adso d'Erzenli, or Kipps, is the youngest member of the Knighthood. His father, Lord Birmen d'Erzenli I, used to be one of the many leaders of the Kingdom of the Stars, until his lordship fell, and Lord Birmen perished. Adso then fell into the care of the Knighthood, since it was the king's desire to keep as many nobles as possible. Or... in this case, their children.

    Other: (I know Adso's story is kind of short, but... he is a kid, after all. There isn't much to tell. If there's something I must change, let me know).
  3. Name: Corvo William Daegon

    Stands about 6'1, young, with a swimmer's muscle build. He has skin the color of chocolate milk, honey colored eyes, with short black hair tied in cornrows. His usual style is all black with an accent of gold in the mixture. He poses a strong jaw-line, medium-broad shoulders, with an short nose.

    Personality: Corvo is known for be quiet, and effective. He bounces between brutality and mercy on a daily basis in battle. As a Knight, he believes in loyalty to the highest esteem. Should there be any who require a shoulder to cry on, Daegon is the first to take heed of it.

    Divination: Daegon was born with the inhuman ability to create fire to his own free will. As he was raised he taught himself how to manipulate it into battle. Corvo will either throw a fireball your way, or coat his weapon with it.

    History: Corvo's father, Alistair Frost Daegon was a swordsman of elite reputation. He fought bandits, warlords, Generals, other Knights, and Kings. Throughout every adventure that followed this he slew every opponent. This specialty for battle was passed down to his son, Corvo.
    By the age he was sixteen, Corvo had passed the torch of his skills into his mind and body. However, without a proper job to keep himself in a settled home, William took to the life of a sell-sword. For a maximum of four years he took part in assassinations, wars, raids, and frontal assaults. Eventually at the age of twenty-two William was greeted by a messenger that appeared sketchy, but knew him well enough to tell of his father's life before barbarism. He learned his father was a knight, a great knight unmatched by many except the 'Heroes' themselves.

    The next year was spent searching his roots and claiming his fathers weapons and armor. A longsword called Draco, and a bow named Raiden. Since then he lived in isolation until he was contacted by Morpheous Kalklain III, the king his father served. They told him of the dire future, and what would happen should he not assist. With a nod, he accepted and now carries the mantle of his father's name.
  4. Name: James Simon Thesmore
    Nickname: Sprangtoctendious
    Sprangtoctendious (open)

    Sprang is a slender man with barely any muscle and a dark complexion. His eyes are a pale grey as well as his skin color. He sort of blends into one color. You notice that he has a distinct smell to him also. It's like he just ate a freshly cooked meal or he had just gone to a fancy dinner. Something you wouldn't expect of such a vile creature such as himself. He also walks with purpose which to most people respond, "Why isn't he slouching?" Sprang is a complexity within himself and many people wonder if he is even actually human. To that, you'll have to find out yourself.

    Personality: Sprang is a dark creature with sick fantasies and unquenchable pleasures that he wishes to fulfill. He is most likely one of the darkest people you have ever met. Just being around him gives you the feeling that he is plotting against you or that he wants to murder you. His plans may be unclear to you but they are slowly progressing within his mind. Sprang always tries to think. He likes to lay out situations and measure them based on how he would benefit. Say if a village was burning and he was hungry. He would take the food then run off. That way he would be safe and he wouldn't care about any of those who had perished.

    Divination: Summoning, Sprang uses his power in a rather strange way. Being a complexity he is able to harness his dark dreams into realities. Sadly, they aren't exactly normal either. The way he pictures the creatures of the world is different from many others. Horses are torn black with a burning coat, or they are small children with knives. When he tries to summon something normal it usually doesn't work. So everything he summons is rather a dark version of what it actually is. A little girl could be spliced with a goblin, or a teddy bear may be a mutated demon.

    History: Sprang was brought into this world like any other thing, with a mother and a father. Both his mother and father were of nobility. Yes it was an arranged marriage, but they were still somewhat in love. He grew up normally and was actually quite happy. Sadly, all happiness comes to an end at some point. James wasn't right in the head. His parents had known it for a while but had never really acted upon it. Was he bipolar, or was he an abomination? James' condition became worse and worse and then his parents disappeared. James was left with his mother and father's fortune and he was now the owner of the Thesmore estate. James changed his name because he believed with new beginnings come new names. Many years later he was requested to join the Heroes of the Sun because he could provide financial backing and was actually quite intelligent. Now he joins with eager anticipation.

    Other: Many rumors about Sprang have risen due to his dark form and his wealth. Some say that he eats the poor and then feeds them to the rich. Others say that he prays to dark gods of some sort to be able to make him like he is.
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