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  1. We need a person for the boy "super heroe" my character is talking to…well I guess we don't exactly need a person to play them, but it would be much simpler.

    Rules of my roleplays:

    1.)There is only ONE rule. Do NOT what so ever even barely, EVER try to take over my characters in a roleplay. I do not give a flying fuck if you think "Oh it was only for a few moments." Or "Oh i though that would be better!" If I wanted my person to do that I WOULD HAVE MADE THEM DO THAT! >:/

    1.5) Sorry if that offended anyone…but now you know not TO DO IT! :D

    Back to cheery Epic.

    So yep. Thats it for me!! I hope you all are having a fucking epic (not as epic as mine though) day!

  2. BTW I accidentally posted it on here :/ Meant for it to go on Jump in roleplay talk but nooooo...
  3. It's okay! I moved it for you. :]
  4. We definitely need a Ryun before we move on. :/
  5. Yeah...I know. If anyone would like to play as Ryun, please do. It would be a big help! And I would owe you a MASSIVE thanks.
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  6. If you can help me catch up with your story, I'd love to play Ryun :(
  7. Sounds good to me :) What do you need to know?