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  1. So I'm checking to see if people wanna roll with the following FANTASY idea:

    Basically there is a school on a far off planet that recruits possible heroes. The teachers are all well established heroes (they can be characters from games, anime, or you can make them up! People would be students and/or teachers ( a teacher could be taking classes) and we'd generally go through a school-like life. It's more or less a school you get invited to and live at. There are four houses, two weapon based (Andraste for warriors and Robin for ranged weapons) and two magic based (Titiana for healers and Merlin for traditional magics (elemental based)).

    So yeah, if I can get about three or four people interested I can either post more info or even start the sign ups. I already have the female dress uniforms drawn but if someone could come up with a male design shoot me a PM and I'll show you the female uniforms.

    Note: uniforms are used in special events such as tournaments and school wide activities except for dances. Teachers do not have uniforms but must wear one while in a class.
  2. Well, you have found yourself a teacher of the darker arts of magic, or of swordplay! :D
    Both of them undead, of course. Because that's when you've had the chance to learn the longest :3
  3. Ooh, mememe I can be a magic student and a swordwoman ^^
  4. whoo!!! also students are welcome to take classes in ANY house! It's not a traditional school, you go for as long as you want!
  5. Sounds interesting but what do you mean by we can choose what the teachers will be, aren't you the gm?
    Wouldn't that be your choice, unless your trying to decide what to make the teachers based on peoples responses?
  6. Well characters have to be approved first.... so yeah I do KINDA decide what teachers are what. I'll assign teacher houses if need be but some teachers could be considered to be part of multiple houses....... I want people to be able to be teachers. think about it, you can be a big famous hero that's been invited to teach at the ONLY school for heroes! Pass down your knowledge to a younger generations! I can't possibly play EVERY SINGLE teacher. I will be acting as a Teacher/The Headmistress. Also Any teachers I play will be well known characters simply because it will make life easier on me. I can't make up the hundreds of staff members.

    Just so everyone knows....this school is HUGE! We're talking hundreds of teachers, even thousands! And even more students! And the amount of teachers can easily fluctuate due to them needing to go home to save someone etc.
  7. mmm well I for one think it would be interesting to do both. I dunno I'm more of an experienced rp so I wouldn't have problems rping a bunch of different characters at once, in fact i prefer multiples.
    But if your going to have a school with that size your prolly going to be doing a bulk of the teachers, you would also have to inform the people rping the teachers if any kind of story is going to develop. I just find it might be easier that way, also depends on how much show interest as well, cause we might only get a handful of people that might only fill a small classroom so it might be a bit stressful on you taking on so many teacher characters at once. Buuut sorry about the rant just thinking of things and how it might work for both parties and such, not sure how you roleplay exactly, used to more details then a anything can happen :P
  8. When you say hero like you mean Superhero or strictly fantasy heroes.
  9. Okay let me try to explain. This is focused on more OUTSIDE of class. So playing a bunch of teachers WON'T be needed. I don't like playing tons of characters but I can play a few. I think you're kind of missing the point. Not everyone's going to be in the same classes, if YOU wanna focus on the classes...you kinda came to the wrong rp. I'm quite experienced in rp as well however if I juggle too many characters all of their personalities become boring and one dimensional. AND this is just an interest check. I'm sorry if this comes off as rude but I think you're expecting a little much. This isn't like some rps where everybody goes to the same classes or does all the same things. The possibilities are meant to be endless. I will put a cap on teachers if too many people want to be teachers. Gotta have some students yeah? I have no over-arching plot devised at the moment. We may have some events where the school might get attacked or there might be a party or tournament but that's about it. I can easily push people in the right direction with a faceless/nameless character.

    @Kid Jesus - I would prefer to stick to fantasy however I see you are a Batman fan. We're dealing with skills so He'd be okay but someone like Superman or The Flash wouldn't work very well. They have to have skills that can be effectively taught. Most superheroes have super powers so stick towards fantasy.
  10. ok I see now, just needed it put into a bit more perspective but yea sounds good.
  11. awesome! I've got plenty of interest now! Also I do have plans for everyone to get to know one another and all that fun stuff. It's just getting an interest check about the concept. I'll get an OOC started tomorrow. Tonight I work on uniforms! I have a male design now!
  12. Woot ^^
    I can't wait to get started :D
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