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Would you like a Liberteen [17- only] Variation of this RP? (I will try to get help)

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    In a certain city, two hero squadrons - Squadrons Delta and Omega - have been assigned to it. Recently, this city's crime rate was quite close to zero until it began ascending recently...

    It is the task of the new recruit heroes of these Squadrons to protect the city from the rising crime rate, and the possibility of villains rising from the depths...​
  2. Sounds awesome ^_^(I absolutely adore anything and everything to do with superheroes!!)
  3. Sounds awesome ^_^
  4. Glad to hear...

    ... which version do you prefer?

    ... anyone else?
  5. I don't really have a preferance(would you prefer one over the others?)
  6. Well, you can join both if you want. You can choose to use the exact same character, or a completely different character for each. That's what I'd do if I couldn't decide.

    And yes, I can't decide, hence the idea of both versions.
  7. Hehe thank you so much ^_^
  8. How interesting. I'm definitely joining this. I'll get a CS up soon.
  9. The numbers are rising. The Roleplay will commence as soon as the ten main spots are filled.

    Also, you are allowed to play 1 character in one squadron and another 1 in the other, if you're curious about missing out on the fun.
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