Here's a ribbon for your hair, so that you may remember our meeting!

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  1. Yes, this title may be too long, but here's the ribbon anyways!

    Now that that's done, may I say hi? Yes? Super! I'm Tatine, a childhood nickname I took back out of its box after twenty years of disuse. I'm a twenty three years old woman, and like both girly things in secret and vintage things in silence. My preferred setting thus end up somewhere either in the past or heavily influenced by bygone times.

    I'm not that good at characters making and developing, but I guess practice will make perfect. I love making plots and world, however, and hope to find a way to make characters fun for me, as well. That said, I say goodbye to you, until we meet again!
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  2. A ribbon! Yaaaaaay! Welcome to the site, Tatine. <3
  3. Heya! Thanks for the ribbon! *smiles* I am Domeki welcome to Iwaku. tumblr_n0b23eT5oQ1tpbdojo1_500.gif
  4. You sound lovely, nice to meet you.
  5. Welcome to the Craziness..xD. Enjoy your stay here please..~

    Also, * accepts the ribbon and curls it around my wrist with a wide smile *

    Thank you !!@,@