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  1. "It's the year 2873. Most of the Earth has become uninhabitable. Survivors of the Disaster grouped together and began to colonize again. One group began to colonize in a few blocks of a burnt city. Humanity knew it was in trouble, it's population having shrunk so much. Scientists began to work on a way to help repopulate. In one word, cloning. But the project failed, the clones not being able to even take human form. The failed experiments were cast down in the Maze. The Maze is a series of tunnels and sewers, built long ago, that intertwine underneath the city. Whilst the Maze contains the systems controlling the cities power and water, the systems are barely used and just left running. But on August 24th, everything stopped. No power, means no lights. The lights are the only thing keeping the unknown creatures on the surface away, the creatures you can make out at the edge of the light. They haven't noticed the city is without power, but they will soon. With only a small guard force, volunteers will be sent down into the Maze to reactivate the systems. There are claims that if you are in the top layer, you can hear the sound of scuffling, and the sound of screeching. Will you make the descent to save your home?"

    This roleplay will take place a few days before the outages, and it will follow the group that heads below the surface. The group will consist of 3-5 roleplayers, who each are permitted 2 characters. Along the way the characters will have to fight to survive, not all will make it there. Not all will make it back. The unknowns screeching will not be your only problem. Who knows what kind of security this place had. Concrete, rebar, rust, and iron will be your only company. There are only 3 things you need to know: Don't get lost in the Maze, don't look back, and don't go into the dark. Good luck.
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