Here The Be Witches

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  1. I've been inspired by the song below to do an rp.

    And here is the idea:

    Sarah and her twin sister Caroline live alone and on the edge forest that borders the left side of a village called Dewhurst in an old cottage, which is also on the edge of the land called Ecrin. They only go into the village to get some supplies like fabric for making clothing. Caroline also goes into the village to attend the mass at church unlike her sister Sarah, who seems to have a fear of people and prefers to have the company of animals. (I'll explain why in the rp) Rumors have been spreading all around the land about witches. And so panic and mass hysteria sweep over the land of Ecrin. People are accusing others, especially those who are different, of being witches. And so when the rumors take a grip of fear upon Dewhurst, people began pointing their fingers at Sarah. But the thing is, Sarah is a witch...but what you would call a white witch...but there is a twist....

    I need someone to play a male character that Caroline has hired to help her get her sister back after she is whisked away to be on trial in one of the larger cities for being a witch.

    And i would love to do this, perhaps i could be a hunter of evil, such as black witches and demons, or a witch myself? (Wizard)
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  3. I know, I just love the band that created that song. Oh, it would definitely make things interesting if you were a witch yourself.
  4. Pm me to talk about it?
  5. Yep. I'll do that now.
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