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  1. whatamievendoinganymore.

    Felicitations and Good Morn!

    I am Sofa King Fancy. Just call me SKF for short, Fancy, or Ser Reginald Fancybottoms the Third. Whatever you believe is the easiest. I am currently watching my bird destroy a Styrofoam cup with the anger of a thousand jaded football fans. In the time I took to write that sentence, he has thrown bits and pieces of it all over my desk like some sort of rage-induced confetti.

    Anyway, let me get back on track. I have been RPing for about fifteen years or so. Yes, that just dated me. Don't judge. Though, in my defense, I started a lot younger than most people. I grew up in a tiny town. It was either use your imagination or go ride four wheelers. I did not own a four wheeler.
    I love writing, and role playing is probably the easiest way for me to vent my imagination (all over everything, ew, gross.) I do write stories to pawn off to anthologies or publications, but it doesn't have the same joy as sharing a story with someone. It also pays in circus peanuts, so I can't do that for a living.

    I have traveled to many an RP community, and I have yet to find a place where I feel ultimately comfortable RPing. It might be because a lot of them abuse the need for graphic-ing. I miss the good ole days where you had to describe your characters--with words. The audacity! My RP interests have also taken a hard right into strangeness. Probably due to the fact that I've grown tired of playing teenager/young adult romantic angst. Sorry, but it no longer tickles my fancy to play young, nubile, high school students that have minuscule, and some how life threatening, crises. That is what the CW is for.

    I enjoy fantasy, scifi, cyberpunk, steampunk, alternate history, supernatural, modern fantasy, and pretty much anything that doesn't involve slice-of-life. I have a preference for small groups and 1x1s. I also have a preference for out-of-the-box characters. There are other RP related things, but I don't wish go on, and on, and on...

    Wow, this post has gone on longer than intended.

    In conclusion, this is suddenly a high school essay, I am happy to be here and hopefully I'll make some friends and join some awesome RPs. Also, to all those that wish to respond, give me a book to read! I have run out, and reverted back to re-reading my Saga comics.

    - SKF

    P.S.: There is only half a cup left. The bird also just looked at me and asked what I was doing. What are you doing, you little maniac?
  2. Hello SKF! I am Hollow or Lady Eastword doesn't matter, welcome to the site!
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  3. Hello SKF! I am Hollow or Lady Eastword doesn't matter, welcome to the site!
  4. Hello! *gives cookies * I like your profile picture ^_^ Nice meet you and enjoy your stay here
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  5. Welcome, most fancy of Sofa Kings! Hope you have a great time in Iwaku! :D
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  6. Dear Sofa King Fancy,

    I do believe your horrid bird is demanding to be fed. Please do not neglect him, or he may turn to... other sources of food. For example, your face. Which, I assure you, will not result in any sort of pretty outcomes. So I advise you, in order to keep your face as beautiful as it currently is now, to feed the poor little darling some seeds.

    I would do it soon if I was you... I can just hear the evil growls from the bird's gut. It's craving something... Craving for revenge...


    P.S Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find some amazing people to RP with. :D
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  7. @HollowEastWord

    Hah! Yeah, I was trying to find something to go with my username. This seemed to suit it. That and I am a sucker for beards (and on a lesser note... flowers).
    Anyway, thank you for the warm welcome.

    Vury fancy sofa king.
    I chose this name while getting in touch with my inner-sixteen-year old. The joys of making dirty words out of not dirty words.
    And thank you for the welcome.

    Well considering my bird has all manners of food open to it (i.e. organic bird food, fresh vegetables, a bit of seed, and the souls of the innocent) I do hope it spares me and my face. How else am I going to make money? You know, besides working.

    And yes he is craving revenge and pure unadulterated violence against all that have wronged him.
    Which I think narrows down to my bird sitter.

    And thanks for the warm welcome! Hopefully I find someone to RP with as well, because if I don't--I've failed the purpose of joining an RP site.
  8. Hello, welcome to Iwaku!!! :D
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  9. Your cup is actually half full...

    Welcome to the site Mr. Sofa! Mind the mess though, you wouldn't want to slip on anyone else's imagination, ya?

    Happy Roleplaying!
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  10. @Sofa King Fancy ^^ oh well i am too, glad you could find one. o; enjoy the stay here *gives you another cookie just cause *
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  11. Hello. If you're looking for something to read, I have a whole litany of books to suggest. If you're looking for something elegiac and poignant, I would recommend Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I like to read a lot of books about mental illness, so if you're looking to understand the mind of a mentally ill person, I would recommend Too Bright to Hear Too Loud to See by Juliann Garey or, if you're looking for a bit more of a classic, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Sylvia Plath also happens to be one of my absolute favorite poets.

    Speaking of poetry have you read the Selected Poetry of W.B. Yeats? He was an amazing poet who contributed to the Irish literary renaissance in the 20th Century. If you're looking for an interesting take on the typical high fantasy setting, I would recommend the Abhorsen Series by Garth Nix. Unfortunately, I haven't read the whole series yet, but I have read Lirael, which I found to be fantastic! These are just a few of the books I would recommend. If you would like more suggestions, please let me know and I will refer to my reading list.

    Also, welcome to the site!
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  12. You, sir, amuse me. Can I order to in RP form? Also, welcome.
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  13. Welcome to Iwaku, Fancy! ^o^
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  14. @Melancholy
    This is a bit belated, but thank you.

    @Ser K+
    I'll just throw some kitty litter on that. Should soak that imagination right up.

    And thanks!

    Thanks for the book recommendations!
    I have read some Yeats. It was required reading in my World Literature class. Which blew my mind, because we just breezed through Grecian literature and plays like they were the scum of the earth and settled on poetry. Of course, I don't mean that like it is a bad thing. I just find that I know more about obscure Gothic poetry than I know about... lets say... The Iliad or Oedipus Rex for that matter

    I've read the Bell Jar as well. Not a high fantasy fan, but I'll look into it. I like my fantasy lacking magical-fix-all-sparkles. But not at high fantasy has that, and so I like to give it a once over before I make a judgment.

    @Jack Nolan
    I do try my best to put on my best dancing monkey act, and be amusing to all. I am glad it succeeded.
    I am always open to RP recommendations and directions to travel in. Especially considering that I am new to this website.
    Unfortunately, I have found that wandering around will-nilly on RP sites usually leads me to terrifying parts of the internet.

    I welcome any help.

    Thank you. ^^
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  15. Then I shall point you towards my signature as it contains all the information one would need.
  16. No problem! That is really unfortunate, Oedipus Rex is a very entertaining story, although I am sure that they have their reasons for going over it so quickly (Large mass of content). In my AP Art History class, we did a similar thing. There was simply so much content to cover in a single year, my teacher was forced to skip studying Asia, India, and pre-Columbus Native American societies. So, if you asked me, that would be my guess.

    How good! How did you like it? I absolutely loved it, but a lot of people say that it just isn't their cup o' tea. And regarding fantasy, you're right. In the wrong hands, magic can be detrimental to any story. However, Nix crafts it in a way so that limitations are still present, and--many times--the characters must find a way to solve their issues without the use of magic (or at least that was the impression I got from Lirael, and I really respected him for it). Another thing makes this series stand out is the presence of a nation that has no capabilities whatsoever in magic, so it is really interesting to watch magic users and non-magic... people interact.
  17. @Sofa King Fancy

    I began writing long before I started RPing, so describing my characters was a matter of habit. However, the advent of images has secretly been stealing my own creativity and I went through a long and miserable period of shallow characters which were based solely on the image that I used for them. I've only recently been evaluating the flaws that have snuck (I stopped writing here for several minutes as I investigated the "snuck vs sneaked" argument, and I have concluded that I find snuck more phonetically pleasing so I'll continue using it regardless of Chrome's opinion) into my writing, and trying to remove them. I might have been planning to say something else, but that whole snuck/sneaked thing really took the wind out of the rest of this post.
  18. Welcome, good sir. I'm Silver and I've also just joined as well. I only wanted to put in my two cents of the fact that I have a bird as well and she's the best bird-dog-cat-duck you'll ever find. /runs off because I have nothing more to say
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