Here comes the APOCALYPSE!

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  1. My mom drives me nuts with every End of the World date that comes up. She is very serious in believing 2012 is the end of the world. :/

    So, what if it is?

    How do you think the world will end? How would YOU bring about the end the world?
  2. By Diana going on a posting spree and me actually replying.

    The universe will fly apart as all bear witness to the death of apathy
  3. When a good roleplay manages to end here.
  4. (Vic Nygma sounds like egnima but I don't actually know if I got either references)


    She bit her lip. "Blair always knew what he needed." She smiled lightly "Whether it was pocket knives or scarves." She paused before speaking quietly "That's a name. Do we have any idea where he is stationed? If not...I'm sure I can find some information. Hanging out in the group of weird kids and conspiracy theorists in college seems to have its perks."


    She gave his hand a light squeeze "Jay...I know you've been through some awful things. I know...I know it's probably something I'd have trouble understand, but you need to know that whatever you may have done, it wasn't your choice and it wasn't your fault." She swallowed hesitantly "But I understand, I do, I won't force you to say a single word about it."
  5. Belle

    "No, really?" She giggled "He wasn't too much of a flirt...but I suppose he could have crossed a line or two." She shook her head "I remember one girl almost punched him and he wasn't even trying to flirt."


    "These ones are very good." She directed and already picked one out for herself, the everything bagel. "I'll promise to pay you back."
  6. I'd end the world like a thief in the night.

    Without warning and without mercy.

    If a bunch of people manage to get off the planet and subsequently return, they will be kill by machines.
  7. Cthulhu and the deep ones will take their rightful place.
  8. Alexander
    "Yes there's is plenty of proof that Ivan is real. That Itzlie and Ivan are twins. The weird part is when he disappeared, like they tried to cover it up. There is no files of him after 11 he just vanished into thin air. Although with his power it could be possible." I say then looked at her," I don't think Itzlie would just make it up."
    "Oh wow..honestly I don't believe in aliens but that show sounds pretty cool. It another show you'll have to show me Watson" I then say with a grin.
    "Alright cool. It sounds so much fun." I say with a smile and laughed. Solving mysterious sounded fun," I am sure we will be able to solve any case!"

    I roll my eyes as he acted offended.
    "So you admit that you are mischievous,,,see so I am not the one that has to be careful." I then say with a grin

    He cleared his throat and I tilted my head. He then mentioned about the people and anti-abnormals.
    "Yeah that is true. There are some people that have some....strong emotions against abnormals." I say," This is ridiculous though."

    I calmed myself down and felt sick to my stomach.
    "I see. You patched up two kids though? " I say with a sigh of relief as she at least tells me to they were fine. I still didn't know how I felt about that lady Jennifer with Eve but I guess this was just something I had to live with. I bite my mouth to keep from saying anything.
    "Oh..alright. I am glad Quin is alright and you have seen her." I then say with a nod. I looked down not sure what to say now.
    "Are you sure we shouldn't call the cops?" i then asked
  9. So assuming we are 80 years after the FNW, what sort of technology are we looking at?
  10. ...WMD's idea sounds like the time my dog had bad gas.
  11. Penelope

    I'm a bit worried when Helen runs after Demi, but not for reasons that I thought I would have.

    I'm concerned--about Demi. I don't know what happened between her and Nellie, but I know it scared the bone bender breathless. I...I unfortunately know what fear looks like and the emotion swirled plain as day in Demi's eyes. I can only hope that Helen can calm her down and then they can return soon. After everything that's happened today, I can't stand the idea of her, Nellie, or Cyrus being out of my sight for too long.

    I'm left waiting awkwardly in the lobby, a bit of distance between me and the others. It's not that I don't want to talk with them...My mind and heart are working against each other right now. They're at a disconnect. My brain says go. Talk. Be normal Penny. But my heart is fatigued and fragile and...a bit broken.

    Okay. Fine. Almost completely broken. But I'm trying so hard to keep it all under wraps. Breaking down won't do anyone any good, it'll only worry them even more. I don't want to be that burden. Not now. Not ever.

    I break away from my thoughts when I catch Demi and Helen walking back in. My chest starts to life in relief--

    Only to come crashing back down onto concrete.

    Demi kissed Helen on the cheek...

    I don't. I...I d-don't want to be here r-right now. I can't be here. I know I'm not thinking straight, I know I'm not. I'm being stupid. Jumping to conclusions and acting like a child. But it hurts. Way more than before. I press a hand to my forehead, trying to ease the pounding. I try to keep my voice in check, slap on the most believe expression I can muster, before calling out to Cyrus and Nellie. "H-hey um...I'll be right back, o-okay?"

    Nellie's brow scrunches up, clearly worried. "Where're you going?"

    I wave her off, though it's more of a weak flick of the wrist. I rub my forehead again and try to remember how to breathe. "R-restroom. That's all." The lie tastes bitter on my tongue. Nellie doesn't seem to believe me, but she gives in with a sigh and nods.

    "Um...okay, then? Just don't be long, alright?"

    I just nod. I can't make words anymore. I try to slip out of the lobby as quietly and stealthily as possible. I really don't want to see anyone right now. As I trudge through the halls, my hands clasp over my chest. It aches. It hurts so much. W-why am I not enough? What do I have to do?? Why...

    Why Demi? Why not me?

    A sob rips from my throat.

    I start walking faster, in the direction of my room.
  12. I am merciful, so I erase reality and substitute it with my own.

    Now everyone can be my satisfied, eager to please slaves.
  13. He farted out a fleet of 40k battleships?
  14. They'd at least ATTEMPT to bring us under imperial rule much of a threat can our combined nations militiaries be to a company of Space Marines.
  15. Belle

    She shrugged "Im taking you to the war room. I don't know if I need you shooting at anything else Jay." Her eyes narrowed again slightly but she smiled and walked out
  16. nah bro, they'd take one look from orbit, see all the non emperor worshipping, and when religious fanatics refuse to repent etc. then we either suffer as described above or suffer repentance by decimation Ie: one in every ten gets shot, perhaps more should the ecclesiarchy or munitorum so desire
  17. Belle

    She frowned "You know we do need to keep an eye on you...." she glanced over at Gwen and rubbed her temple "I could pull some strings to try and get the cameras reduced."
  18. Demi Locklear

    ((*I know. It was so hard to type that. Poor Penny...*))

    I smirk and nod gratefully when Chipmunk lets me in. Heh, who would've thought? Earlier, this room felt like a goddamn prison cell. But now, it ain't so bad. It's kinda cool--I can see bits and pieces of her personality tucked away in little places, as if she's trying to hide it from visitors. But, then again, I don't think she lets many people in here.

    But I'm one of them.

    Highest fucking honor, if ya ask me. "So," I start all awkward and shit while rocking from heel to toe, my hands in my jacket pockets. I nod at her bed. "Take a load off, Chipmunk. You need it real fuckin' bad." I spot a decently comfy looking spot on the floor. It helps that it ain't too close to the bed. I's not like I'm uncomfortable with being close to cotton ball (fucking obviously), but I know she likes her space when she feels...vulnerable. I guess. Or, at least, I know I would.

    I think.

    Fuck it! Point is, I'm laying on the floor!

    A groan escapes me as lay flat on my back, the exhaustion finally starting to catch up with my ass. Like I said, I'm not sleeping. My head is on fucking high alert. But I can afford to relax for an hour or two. I cast a side glance at Helen before sitting up a bit, propping my weight onto an elbow. "Hey alright? Besides all the shit that happened today. Like, when we left you looked a bit...shocked? Panicky? Fuck, I don't know the word, just..." I trail off, looking like a fucking idiot. Shit--I'm never good with words!

  19. Good thing guardsmen come by the millions =D
  20. you mean die by the millions?