Here comes the APOCALYPSE!

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  1. My mom drives me nuts with every End of the World date that comes up. She is very serious in believing 2012 is the end of the world. :/

    So, what if it is?

    How do you think the world will end? How would YOU bring about the end the world?
  2. By Diana going on a posting spree and me actually replying.

    The universe will fly apart as all bear witness to the death of apathy
  3. When a good roleplay manages to end here.
  4. Zombies.

    Or possibly having the Titans and their spawn rising from the depths of the Underworld, laying waste to the earth and leaving only scatterings of humanity and the children of the Gods to fight the--

    Wait, fuck, that's a game plan.
  5. The Y2.012K bug.
  6. I'd end the world like a thief in the night.

    Without warning and without mercy.

    If a bunch of people manage to get off the planet and subsequently return, they will be kill by machines.
  7. Cthulhu and the deep ones will take their rightful place.
  8. Nukes. Nukes Everywhere.
  9. well, zombies is a good start.

    but i imagine a fleet of 40k battleships appearing then EXTERMINATUS!-ing the planet.

    cities dissapear in giant explosions, tectonic plates crack and split and the world crumbles to dust, all organic life reduced to fast rotting heaps emitting lots of flammible gas.

    then that flammible gas is lit byn a cyclonic torpedo, and the planets surface burns to ash and the atmosphere is destroyed.
  10. ...WMD's idea sounds like the time my dog had bad gas.
  11. A thousand theories on end of the world hooblah but did anyone think that maybe the mayan who was writing the calender just gave up at 2012? I mean they know how to do it and one might assume if they ever got to that point hundreds and hundreds of years in their future...they could just start up again. Like someone who tried counting to infinity and gets bored of it.
  12. I am merciful, so I erase reality and substitute it with my own.

    Now everyone can be my satisfied, eager to please slaves.
  13. He farted out a fleet of 40k battleships?
  14. They'd at least ATTEMPT to bring us under imperial rule much of a threat can our combined nations militiaries be to a company of Space Marines.
  15. [​IMG]

    When will you marines learn, marines may kill, but its the guard that conquers and holds.
  16. nah bro, they'd take one look from orbit, see all the non emperor worshipping, and when religious fanatics refuse to repent etc. then we either suffer as described above or suffer repentance by decimation Ie: one in every ten gets shot, perhaps more should the ecclesiarchy or munitorum so desire
  17. Well the second is what I meant. The Imperium would come, see this fuxored up planet, decimate the population, maybe dispatch a squad of marines to take the rougher parts, boom we're under imperial rule.

    and vay, Give me a hundred space marines, or lacking that a thousand other troops.
  18. .....i still say we'd get exterminatus'd, earth isnt worth the effort so long as the marines and soforth dont realise that earth = terra.
  19. Good thing guardsmen come by the millions =D
  20. you mean die by the millions?