Her Majesty's Outer Space Savior

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  1. Celeste is next in line for control of her planet, Xanshi. However, unrest is high among her people, and the once firm beliefs that the young Celeste could fulfill her Mother's place, her mother taking over for her father who had been assassinated years ago. She's a hopeful, kind girl to everyone she knows, and she wants that kind of hope instilled into her people. But she can't do it alone. She must face the enemies of the royal family, the wildlife of the planet, political conflicts, and more…including her need to find a suitable husband.


    …I mean, up until she accidentally summons some random guy from Earth. Who happens to have strange superpowers, such as the ability to defy gravity and fly, boundless strength, and other such things that made him appear as a great champion...

    Together, they're going to have to learn how to lead a planet, as they slowly fall madly in love...

    …yeah. Its like 'John Carter' but way more kewl.
  2. *Raises hand* I'd be up for it! I'm also willing to play either role.