Her Majesty's Matchmakers (Romantic Fantasy)

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    Her Majesty's Matchmakers
    "Things Get Worse!"
    The Princess Gabrielle Hawke is turning seventeen in three month's time. As is tradition in her family, she must find a husband before her seventeenth birthday; if she doesn't, she will be disinherited, leaving her foul half-sister and her wicked husband to lay claim to her lands and titles. Fearing for both herself and the welfare of her people should this awful fate come to pass, Gabrielle has spent the better part of the last two years searching for love but finding only self-serving ambition and unabashed lust. She has almost given up all hope of finding some semblance of happiness, when she heard the tale of great heroes that move through the land, righting wrongs with sword, skill, and sorcery. Calling upon her loyal servants, she calls a group of such individuals to her.​
    You are either one of her servants or one of these great heroes. You will be called to her chambers, and given a very unique quest: to find a suitable husband for the Princess. Should you require some incentive for such a selfless act, she is quite disappointed - but offers one hundred thousand gold coins in reward for such a deed.​
    You will find a great many willing to take the Princess' hand in marriage, but not all of them are what they seem. You'll need an inquisitive mind and a keen eye to find a proper love for Her Majesty... after all, the fate of the Kingdom rests in your hands.​
    Things Get Worse:​
    I don't intend for this to be an easy game. I intend to throw complications and twists upon the party, making it a very difficult choice on what to do, which suitors to trust, and which to distrust. There's going to be some action, some politics, some comedy - and perhaps even some romance blossoming among the characters themselves? As for how you react to them, that's entirely up to you! Let's see what you come up with. A creative mind can go far - holding a tournament for Her Majesty's hand, for instance, seems like a great idea... until it comes time to see those showing up.​
    The Ten Suitors:
    These young men and women are all interested in Princess Hawke's hand in marriage. However, not all of them are as they seem, and even more of them are grave mistakes. It's up to you to determine which ones are suitable! These are intended to be NPC's, by the way. The nine you don't pick will likely be offended in some way and come after you! Of course, it's possible that none of these are good choices, or the ones that would be a good choice have to be 'worked on' a bit. I'm curious to see how you handle this!​
    - Lord Raymond Haris of Hartshire (Foreign Duke).​
    - Sir William Refford (Knight).​
    - Leah Molliann (Bard).​
    - Orbak the White-Haired (Sorcerer).​
    - Bartholomew Utgarde (Merchant Prince).​
    - King Devin Earlwich (King of Earlwich).​
    - King Hload Rouldrey (King of Rouldrey).​
    - Osmurd Bloodscreech (Gnoll Chieftain).​
    - Lady Selune Autumnmoon (Elven Princess).​
    - Zazuka Heihachi (Foreign Crime Lord/Yakuza Boss).​
    Character Sheet:
    Race: (Standard fantasy races apply. Get creative if you like, though!).​
    Profession: (What your character does for a living.).​
    Special Skills: (What can your character do better than others? You'll get opportunities to show off!).​
    Crippling Weakness: (Everyone should have at least ONE crippling weakness - make it interesting! I'll be using it against you!).​
    Deed: (What made the Princess want to take you on as her Matchmaker?).​
    Appearance: (A picture or description would be nice).​
    History: (A short blurb is alright!).​
  2. Would it be possible for me to double as said wicked half-sister and a hero?
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  3. Sure! Rock on with your wicked self!
  4. omfg heihachi is in this omfg omfg
  5. Sweet! Thanks. ^^

    Name: Venatora Montressor-Stormdancer
    Race: Human, presumably
    Gender: very much female
    Age: Twenty-five years
    Profession: As of the moment, politician more than anything
    Skills: Ven is an exceptionally clever woman, with a sharp mind well suited to politics and intrigue. She has an excellent memory and is very good with faces- she's the person who knows everyone's name day, their children's names, and is always ready with a thoughtful gift or word. In addition she also has quite a head for numbers and has made numerous shrewd investments, increasing her personal fortune by a remarkable amount every year.
    Crippling Weakness: Ven is haunted by a shadow of suspicion and self-doubt. Ever since Gabrielle came along her world has been based around reclaiming her childhood status, a hopeless dream.
    Appearance: Tall and aristocratic, Ven embodies a well-bred gentlewoman. She stands near as tall as most men, with long, graceful limbs and a thin waist, paired with the gentle curves of narrow hips and the slightly more lush curves on her chest. Her hair nearly reaches her fingertips, a veritable mahogany-shaded mane, which she meticulously grooms and styles daily. Her eyes are stormy, not quite blue and not quite green, always somewhere between frigid and acidic. She has a very pale undertone but has recently developed a bit of a tan, giving her a more mature appearance.
    History: Venatora's mother was a wealthy merchant from a neighboring kingdom. Beautiful and wealthy beyond belief, it briefly looked as though she would be the next queen- of course, eventually her birth caught up to her, and the marriage was cancelled at the last moment, the king marrying a woman who was of similar social station. Unfortunately, by this time he had already left a child in the merchant's womb. Between the heartbreak and the stress of childbirth, the woman passed away.
    Her father offered to raise her, a situation Venatora's grandfather gladly agreed to, needing no reminder of his daughter's shame. She was raised at court from infancy, the apple of her father's eye. She bounced on his knee and kissed his cheek and showed him the first ugly scrawlings that would eventually pass for writing. He kissed her skinned knees and tousled her curls and bought her all the dolls she could play with.
    That all changed when she was eight years old and a new baby came along. Gabrielle became the darling of the court, and Ven was reminded quite suddenly of her position- she was a bastard, with no titles, no inheritance, not even her father's name. The queen, jealously protective of her baby, forbade Venatora from even being in the same room as the newborn princess. As she grew older, nothing she did could convince her father or stepmother of her worth. The histories she learned impressed only her tutors. The pictures she drew hung unloved on her own walls. In time, the young woman grew increasingly resentful, and decided that the entire business of princessing ought not be a simple matter of who was born at the right time. From that day forward she redoubled her efforts in education, determined to know everything there was to know about ruling a country.
    While Gabrielle was out riding, she was in reading. While Gabrielle was dancing in the ballroom, Venatora was managing the household budgets. While Gabrielle was looking for a man, she was looking for answers to questions most girls her age did not understand enough to ask. When she did take a husband, it was a match of purely political motivation- he was a man of low birth but high intellect, who was wise enough to sit beside her and respectful enough not to seek to rule on his own. Syven Stormdancer, a sorcerer and necromancer, but a good enough man for her, no matter how the court (and her sister) scorn him. With a husband, a grudge, and a lifetime of learning, she is determined to prevent her sister from ascending the throne, no matter what it takes.

    Name: Fletcher Milo Daire
    Race: Human. He likes to say his grandfather was Fey, but he doesn't actually know
    Gender: male
    Age: somewhere below thirty. He never really bothered keeping count and isn't sure when his nameday is, anyway. He thinks he might be twenty-six, but would never say so.
    Profession: Rogue, highwayman, mercenary, jack-of-all-trades. He does whatever pays the bills.
    Special Skills: His main talent is being shrewd and having great skill in both deductive and inductive reasoning, capable of taking the smallest hint and realizing a whole secret from it. He also possesses a small bit of natural magic: he can blend in to the background while standing perfectly still, charm beasts & men with his music, and on occasion travel faster than ought to be possible, for instance- all of this is unreliable. It works when it wants to, not when he wants it to.
    Crippling Weakness: His great strength and weakness are one and the same: money. He'll do anything for cash, and he means anything. When he runs low on funds, no deed is too dastardly. He also values his freedom, but he'll sell his time if it means money.
    Deed: Flech's most famous deed is rescuing a princess of a neighboring kingdom, who was kidnapped by a woods witch. After dozens of knights, rangers, and mages failed to reveal her location, a reward was offered: her hand in marriage or ten thousand gold marks. Fletch was claiming his prize within three days, having tracked down the woods witch in no time with a price like that being dangled out there. From there he became known as an expert tracker, and was sent out by several other kings to track down lost people and things. He hasn't failed yet, though sometimes it's been less a matter of skill and more one of bribery.
    Appearance: Fletch is of average height and build, though he walks with a jaunty stride and always has a bright smile on his face. His hair is a bright, flaming red shot through with gold, and his eyes are a laughing green. Freckles give him a boyish cast, but there's something hungry about him too, something more dangerous and predatory. He usually dresses ostentatiously, preferring emerald greens and sapphire blues.
    History: His mother left him on his grandmother's step when he was only a matter of days old. That was the last he ever saw of her, and as far as he was concerned, good riddance. His grandmother tried her best to raise him honestly, but he was a troublemaker from the start. He ran off when he was only twelve, to join a travelling troupe. From them he learned how to tumble and juggle, how to play the fiddle and the pipes and the lute, how to perform a soliloquy and tell a joke and lie. From there he fell in with a bandit group for year or two, learning of fighting and hiding and hunting. He took up being a bard for a while, was a paramour to a noblewoman in a city far to the south, and once claimed to have come within a hairsbreadth of wedding a duchess. It was only a few years ago, though, that he heard about the search for the missing princess. From there he has his reputation and his money, and has been living the playboy lifestyle, travelling from place to place and working only when the money dries up. He spends freely and has won many friends, and intends to call upon all of them for this next challenge.
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