Her Guardian who is a spirt (Lilly321XDreamCast~)

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  1. A human and a Spirt Guardian....How did this happen and what will happen during there stay with each other. Will love become of them
  2. The rain fell hard in the city as she was on her way home, she ducked for cover where she could but it never worked at all. she just go more and more wet as she stalled her entry home. At some point it started to hail.
    "why do I have such bad luck?" she thought with a sigh as she was pelted the rest of the way up the street. She saw an old shrine entrance up ahead and raced in for cover "I hpoe it lets out soon" she though not wanting to stay at a shrine over night like a third wheel
  3. Zaku was in the shrine sitting in a room as he felt a presence getting close the shrine, it wasn't dangerous but it was more human. "Is this a tress passer and if so they need to leave." he spoke out as his eyes was closed for he was only in this shrine waiting for the master he is suppose to protect. As it was raining and hailing he soon thought they must of come for shelter....well guess what this is not a charity shelter but a shrine and he was gonna give them a piece of his mind. His tails was visible and ears but he put a mask on that only covered his top part of his face but his mouth was able to be seen as he walked to the door of the shrine opening it slowly. "What are you doing here." he said with a bass in his voice.
  4. She had wandred around the shrine looking for someone to ask if she could stay the storm out. Eventualy she gave up and decided to leave and walk throught ht hail after all. "it's only golf ball sized ice" she though scaristacly. She then noticed that she had now clue where she was in the shrine in the first place. "oh great now I'm lost" she said as she looked for where she left her bag and shoes but with no avail "this place is like a maze" she said as she opened another door to find an empty room. She jumped when she heard a voice. she looked around nervously and started to open and close doors faster and faster trying to find a way out. she was about to open anoter door when it suddenly open and she was met face to face with a masked man "I...I'm just looking for the preist....or preistess...." she said a little jittery from what she heard earlier about tresspassers. She wasn't one. She just wanted to wait out the hail storm
  5. Zaku looked down at this human as if she was something not of this earth. "There is no Priest or Priestess here...there haven't been one for over 20 years." he spoke looking at her but then he leaned closer to her with out saying a word as he then walked around her looking at her. "What is your name." he asked with his arms crossed, "I am this place spirt...I might be able to let you wait out the storm." he said looking at her.
  6. She looked at her feet, having no nerve to look him in the face at all as he spoke to her. "wait not preist? then how?" she asked curious why the place was still standing and that it hadn't been taken down yet. not moving as he moved she noticed that he had an aful lot of fur on him 'guess he likes fur" she thought as he circled him her face not meeting his at all "I'm aoi...Aoi todo...nice to meet you" she said softly as she stayed still, she was startign to get cold because of her soaking wet clothing but she didn't say a thing afaird to make the man before her mad. "realy?' she suddenly looked up happy he'd let her stay the storm out "thank you so much!" she bowed in respect to him
  7. Zaku looked at her and listened to her, he saw her face light up as he said he would let her stay until the storm went out. He looked at her and saw that she was shivering a bit from the wetness of her clothes since she was caught out in the rain. He turned around as his ears flickered and his tails moved side to side as he walked. "Follow me." he spoke opening the door and going down a hallway.
  8. "ah! hai!" she said following her and sneezed a little as she did so the chill in her bones had started to set in and she'd be sick at this rate if she didn't get out of her wet clothing soon and dry up. "thank you so much" she said happily as he led her through the maze of halls. SHe noticed he had tail like peies of fabric attached to his ass and fox ears on his head "a cosplayer?" she wondred tempted to reach out and touch the fur to see if was real and to see if it felt as soft and slikly as it looked.
  9. Zaku didn't say anything as he stopped in front of a door but then he felt his tail being touched and he turned around staring at her, "My tail is real....so could you get off it please...Here is the bathroom towels are next to the sink, I will get you something to change into because it seems like you about to get a cold." he said as he started to go to another room and get a change of clothes.
  10. The word real ehoed in her mind and she thought about the haunting worlds she heard.She was only here fo shelter but now this? she was in a shrine with a real life fox sprit?! or wa he a god? a demon? Her mind swirled and turned before and she felt her world spin, and it did because she rolled over and blacked out.
  11. Zaku came back with the clothes but then saw her on the floor, he sighed as he ordered two small female spirts to help get her into the bath and help change her clothes as he was in the kitchen making so she could eat. He was thinking about how he could smell a priestess within her, he was going to have to talk with her when she woke back up. Once the spirts was able to get her washed and changed they took her to the living room and laid her on the futon on the floor as Zaku came into the room with food sitting beside her until she woke up.
  12. She drempt about her family and how they lost their home to betryal and greed. They owned one of the most magical and wonderful looking acres of land where a Mini shrine was located. They took great care of it even though it was small and not very popular. She Had no memories of the home she lost becuase a little while after she was born, her familiy somehow lost the deed to the land and with that the new owners kicked them out. Her parents had seperated and her father never truely able to look at her in the eye. Her silblings as well who went with their mother. They still managed but Her father lives appart from her and she rarely see's them anymore. she'd only seen photos and heard her father talk in his sleep about the family estate before it was all lost. She felt that it was her fault at some point but was never realy able to make things better for her father or anyone. She was just a nuance no one wanted or cared enough for.

    A few moments later she awoke blinking and rubbing her eyes sleeply, hazed a little from her dream and a little out of it when she turned to look around the room and say the fox sprit. Thinking it was a dream she greeted him kindly
    "hello mr.fox how are you today?" she smiled
  13. Zaku looked at her as he was thinking how this human forgot to get a umbrella, As she had awoken she greeted him kindly which he had to smile as well. "Hello...and my name isn't Mr. Fox its Zaku." he spoke looking at her as he pointed to the food, "Eat...After you eat I'll show you around while the storm is still active. " he spoke as he got up and opened the sliding door to only walk out but pause as he looked over his shoulder. "By the way you Actually look nice in a Kimono." he said with a smirk playfully as he walked out shutting the door until the small spirts that help around the shrine walked in and sat beside her.

    "We remember you." they both said together as they remember when her family use to live here, it was quit different and when they had to leave the new people was not respecting the shrine so they have been waiting for their previous owns to come back.
  14. "nice to meet you then" she smiled at him and looked to the food he pointed to happily, her job didn't make much so all she had to eat was a hotdog bun. it was the only thing she had all day, her father never sent money to her at all and the res of her family was distant enough that they didn't give 2 shits about her well being. She was bearly serviving with rent and the only reason she could go to school was because of her shocllarship other wise she'd be in some shit ass school with crappy teachers who can't tell reading from cheating.
    "I'd love a tour, thanks!" she smiled as she pulled the blankets to drape over her shoulders as she sat up better and turned to the food, she didn't want it to get cold or for it to go to waste. Dream or not she knew the value of money and food very well. She wasn't about to refuse a free meal or be rude to Zaku. Dream or not it wa better then her nightmares anyways so she'd enjoy it before she woke to the shack she called a house. "hun?" she blinked as she looked down at herself in one. she was about to freak out when she realised it was a dream. Last she checked she could have still been in her school uniform and when he said she looked good in a kimono it appeared.
    She'd stated to eat when she noticed some small cute sprits appear and she reached out to pet them or attempt to at least. "you look so cute" she said looking at them "want some food?" she asked offering them a bite of her food it tasted great and she wanted to share
  15. The two small bunny twin spirits smiled under her hand as she petted them. A small light emitted from their tiny bodies as they changed into chibi bunny girl with red kimonos, The one with the yellow bow to her left hip is Ju and the one with the yellow bow to her right hip is Su. Su snuggled next to Aoi as Ju looked at the food that Zaku made and opened wide. "I's Ju and the one that's trying to go to sleep on you is Su and we are the twin spirits of the house that help protect our priestess." she said as she opened her mouth again to tell her she would like some. Su looked up at Aoi and smiled "You grew up to be a beautiful lady." she said as she yawned and fell asleep on her lap.

    Zaku was cleaning the Shrine making sure nothing was out of ordinary and was being well kept, he didn't know why he had to when there is no priest or priestess to the shrine. But in his mind that wasn't the only thing he thought about. Seeing Aoi again made him think how he would watch her pry to the shrine and take care of it. He thought she would be the priestess to the shrine but she had left without a word making him bitter even after the second family left out.
  16. She fed the cute bunny girls ahppily and ate as well.
    "mmm so good" she moaned in bliss as she shared the good food and blushed when one of them said she was a beautiful lady. "I'm not that oof looking" she said feeling self concious as she looked at them and frowned "on the other hand both of you are so adorable!" she squeeled happily as she hugged them tightly before she contuined to eat and feed them from her plate.

    before long she grew full of good food and drinks. She yawned feeling tired and decided to go back to sleep. She held the cute bunny girls against her chest as she fell asleep, dreaming of cute foxes and bunnies running around and playing happily together