INTEREST CHECK Hemlock Grove with 3?

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  1. After watching a lot of Hemlock Grove I kind wanna do a small group RP involving 3 people.

    The werewolf, the upir, and the human.

    I'd take the Upir and he wouldn't know what he was. He'd be very confused and conflicted. I'd like the plot to be like Hemlock Grove.. It basically would be Hemlock Grove with different characters and roles.. The humans would be my characters cousin and she/he would fall in love with the werewolf who is my characters best friend. The werewolf would know my character was an upir but my character wouldn't.

    They'd be searching for a Vargulf..

    There'd be lots of gore as in the show and lots of swear. Just because there would be a lot of fighting and taunts thrown around.

    Of course, I may end up changing all that and making up some different plot.. Would anyone be interested in any of this? ^-^
  2. I'd love to give it a try as the human:) I had just finished watching the show, and absolutely love it.
  3. Awesooooome. :D

    Do you think the plot should be the exact same though? :\ As well as the relationships. We could mix it up a bit which could turn into something neat.
  4. I don't really mind if the plot remains the same or if some things get changed/mixed up a bit.