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[size=+1] West Hill Pines Hospital: Approximately Three Hours After Exposure to the Parasite Eggs [/size]

The hospital was unprepared for the sudden influx of people that were arriving. Ambulances were zooming out of the bay and returning with gurneys loaded down carrying sick people. Doctors were being called in by the hospital, pulling in even ones who weren't on call to help deal with the massive number of people being rushed through the hospital doors. Beds in the emergency room were already filled and auxiliary stretchers were being utilized by the harried nurses.

Thus far, there were already forty-five people who had arrived at the emergency room and still more were arriving. The ambulances were ordered to divert the flow of people to other hospitals in the area, but there were still people arriving who were being driven in their own cars. Aside from that, the other hospitals were becoming equally full. The nearest hospital had received twenty of the patients bound for West Hill Pines and was beginning to run out of beds as well. The next hospital nearby was at fifteen and still more people were flooding the buildings.

The symptoms ranged from bad to worse, but all of them were ill. The sickest were streaming blood from the nose, the eyes, and the ears. Those who were not as bad were suffering from bruises spreading over large expanses of skin with little to no outside provocation. Internal bleeding was suspected for a handful of dead on arrival victims.

However, in a room quarantined from the sicker patients, is a group gathered who are not nearly as sick as the others. Any who exhibited their symptoms were ordered to be sent to West Pines to be dealt with and all reported cases thus far were gathered in a single room together now. Blood tests were being run for this group, whose main complaint was the feeling that their veins were on fire. Each had a rosy hue to them, as though blushing, which the doctors suspected to be caused by the widening of blood vessels. Whatever was afflicting the others, these people seemed to be exposed to as well yet their bodies were strangely coping.

Glancing around the room, Cerise eyed the other patients gathered with her. She recognized one of them as the custodian who cleaned the floor on which she worked. She was certain that'd she had seen at least one of the others around the office building. She shifted uncomfortably on the gurney that she had been give to sit on, before they had run out of them, that was. Likely they were going to come around at some point or other and remember that they had left a gurney with her and take it back. The others were sitting on chairs.

She swung her feet a little bit back and forth since they were dangling off the edge. She felt strange sitting here with someone that she knew from work and others that she suspected might work at the same building as well without her work clothes on. She felt oddly underdressed, in fact, in her jeans and tank top. She wanted to cover up, worried that maybe her boss would fire her for... but no, this wasn't work time. People were dying out there, certainly no one would care about her showing up in her free time to a hospital in less than professional clothing. Now she was just being silly.

"So... I've seen you before, right? At West Pine Enterprises? Don't you work there, too?"


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Elise felt horrible, there was no denying it.

She pulled her black coat around her more, burying her chin in her cashmere scarf, the room was spinning madly and she felt horrible. She headed over to the desk. "You don't look too bad, come with me" The nurse who met her at the door said, leading her in the direction of a room, shutting the door quickly behind her. She slipped her hands in her pocket once more and sat down on one of the chairs, she crossed her legs and leaned back against the seat once more. She shut her eyes for a moment, she rested her head back against the wall, bringing her long slender hand to rest over her dark brown eyes, keeping them shut as she took a deep breath.

She crossed her legs and moved to rest her head down on her hands. She had thankfully pulled her long hair into an up do before she left the office, she didn't need her hair around her face. She tried her best to make herself more comfortable in her seat, wrapping her arms in front of her. She looked around the room, she could have swore she recognised these people, where had she seen them before? Or perhaps it was just her mind playing tricks on her, what with her dizziness and headache and such. She slipped her hand out of her pocket and took out her tissue, and squeezed slightly. She looked over at the door, wondering why she was hearing so many ambulances coming in one after each other. Perhaps there had been some sort of accident or something. She quickly shrugged it off.

Elise heard someone speak and turned to look at the girl "Sort of. One of my clients is based there, I was there a few hours ago having a meeting with him" She told the girl as she moved forward in her seat, trying to make herself sit up straight, in a bid to push off the dizziness and such. She opened her handbag and pulled out her bottle of water, taking a small sip of it before her phone beeped. She sighed as she took it out of her bag, she noticed the caller ID and quickly turned her phone off, she was not going to deal with that now.

She decided she needed to distract herself, she picked up her bag once more and placed it down on the lap, opening the bag and taking out one of her magazines. She flipped over the pages, and soon enough her head started to ease a bit, it wasn't too bad, but still hurt, but enough that she could cope with it.

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Cid was a man who seldom got sick. But there he sat, impatiently, in the waiting room with all the others. His condition wasn't unbearable. A fiery pain coursed through his veins but Cid found it more annoying than agonizing. Others had it worse. He had overheard a nurse discussing some of the more extreme cases. Bruising, bleeding, and death: symptoms that made his own pale in comparison. Cid assumed his uncanny fortitude left him lucky. Still, the burning was distracting, and irritating.

Incessantly, he fidgeted. The man hated waiting, and needed to do something, anything. Inside his body was an excess of energy, an excess that needed to be used and not wasted sitting down. Cid drummed his fingers against the blunt of his knee. His foot twitched, tapping quickly before he decided to step up suddenly. He couldn't sit in place any longer, and so Cid decided to stand and wander about the room. It was then he noticed two girls talking, one of which he vaguely recognized.

Without so much as introducing himself, Cid walked over and interrupted whatever conversation the girls were having. “Hey, Don't I know you from somewhere?” He asked bluntly. The woman looked familiar, but something about her was different. Then again, Cid himself wasn't in uniform. The man was wearing his casual: tan pants and a blue t-shirt. Really, it wasn't that different from his custodial attire. But, it was slightly more comfortable. “Either of you ladies know what's going on here?” A big man, Cid loomed over them. Some might view his behaviour as inappropriate. He lacked most social graces.

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Emma groaned on the inside as her containment began. She was led to a room containing several people, where she was promptly locked in. That's great. This is exactly what I need, to be stuck in the same room with several other sick people, she thought. She stood at the entrance for a moment, scouting for anyone she knew or a corner where she could occupy herself and be blissfully alone. People stared, but she ignored them, body language expressing her annoyance. A few people moved, revealing to her an empty corner. It had no chair, but she didn't care as long as she would be able to sit against the wall. She strode over, plopped down, and pulled out her laptop, figuring she might as well use the time to continue researching her latest topic of interest.

Absently, she rubbed at her skin, as if that would alleviate the strange sensation of her veins burning. She didn't notice she was doing it, didn't even notice that she had started doing it before she even came to the hospital. Her migraine hadn't let up any, either, despite the hydrocodone she had taken when it first started. Her skin was red (something she seemed to share with the others she was locked in with) and she felt vaguely nauseous, but she was well off compared to the people outside. Emma stopped her studies for a moment to reflect on the events of the past few hours: that migraine and the nausea first, then others calling out sick. She persevered, but eventually had to leave, also. Her absence was barely noticed, however. Most of the people in her office building were leaving, all of them showing signs of a serious disease. Then her ride to the hospital, where she found people dying of this... thing.

A loud voice broke her out of her reverie. Emma looked up in surprise to find the source. It came from a large man, who had apparently forced himself into someone else's conversation. She quirked an eyebrow as she watched the women's reactions. Another look at the women showed her that she knew one of them from work. Her natural smart ass kicked in, and before she could stop herself, she found herself raising her voice to him. "Excuse me, but do you really expect them to know any more than what you, or anyone else here does?" She justified her own rudeness by reasoning that he was rude first, barging in on a conversation and assuming that anyone here knew more than the other—as if that information would be kept hidden. It was childish, she knew, but it was still somewhat solid reasoning; she firmly believed that everyone deserved respect, especially strangers, and she believed that if you don't show respect, you don't deserve to be shown any.


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Grace observed everyone in the room... Sitting in her chair in the secluded room, she felt absolutely terrified. She could hear the rushing of people and the panic that ensued in the halls around her. The nurses and doctors were starting to panic, an emotion she knew that the medical staff were taught to curb. Grace however had never had to cope with such things before so her emotions were going haywire.

At some point during her occupation one of the nurses had given her an ice pack. Grace couldn't help but notice that the nurse had a mask over her mouth and nose. It made her pause and realize that this epidemic was serious. Since the nurse had left, Grace had pressed the ice pack on virtually every single part of her body. Right now it was settled on her left cheek, streaks of water running down her face and neck.

She didn't have much interest at the moment in conversation. Grace simply was too caught up in her own thoughts and emotions to participate. Perhaps when things started calming down...