Helswane Dungeon

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    It was a night that legends were made from: dark legends, passed in whispers by tired old men and frightened children. When morning came they would say this place was cursed and none should dare venture here. Yet that was little comfort for those now caught in the heart of that darkness.

    The storm had come from nowhere, brewing like witch-poision in the space of minutes. And now, as the screams of the sailors made doubtless, there was something terrible in the water. Darius turned his face from the third longboat as it snapped like dry-wood, its cargo of convicts, soldiers and mercenaries dragged down into the raging waters. Their thrashing bodies were swallowed by the smooth rise and fall of serpentine scale. The beast, whatever it was, was huge and it's hunger insatiable.

    In the background the royal frigate was folding beneath the waves. It had launched only four of its rowboats before going under, its belly gouged by phantom rocks. Darius was in the leading one and huddled with royal soldiers as it careered towards the cave entrance. The opening, dark and foreboding, was the only breach in the gargantuan, towering cliffs of the Uncharted Island. His heart was racing, slamming against his ribs, as if the soul of every dead sailor was being spat inside his chest cavity to hammer at his bones.

    "ROW! KEEP ROWING!" his Captain was bellowing above the storm and the cries from the other boats. Perched upon the bow, the bearded veteran was resolute in the face of the waves, the lashing rain and the swallowing darkness. "BY GOD, WE'LL CONQUER THIS LAND!"

    The cave seemed to suck them in, the longboat soaring over rocks and following the swell. Darius heard whimpers behind him as something huge rose from the water to tear apart another boat behind them. He could not look. In his mind's eye he saw teeth and scales and endless, slithering folds. Dozens were perishing, pulled into darkness, scrabbling against the cliffs, dashed upon the rocks...

    He was shaken to his senses. His captain was gripping his shoulder. "THIS IS IT, CORPORAL!" Behind him, carved steps could be seen at the end of the cave, leading to a doorway. The entrance to Helswane Dungeon. "WHEN WE MAKE LAND, TAKE THE ARCHERS AND SECURE THE--"

    Liquid sprayed on Darius's face. Not the sea this time, but something warmer and more cloying. He blinked and saw the Captain's throat had been torn, an ugly and mishapen javelin-head protruding from his neck. The veteran clattered forward, landing against Darius then toppling over into the water. "NO!"

    The torches picked them out - shapes emerging from the doorway ahead and onto the steps. Their flesh glistened, sickly green like the serpent in the waters, and with barred teeth they roared and squawked. With the enclosure of the cave, the sound was terrifying. As waves swelled again the longboat was propelled into a hail of javelins.

    Darius moved on instinct, diving forward as the soldiers around him were impaled. He crashed into the water, scraping limbs on the jagged rocks. For a moment there was utter panic, his lungs filling with water, then he found the smooth edge of the submerged steps and scrambled up, smelling already the foetid stink of the Goblin defenders.

    One of the greenskins came for him, bounding down the steps with a morning star now that its javelin had been thrown. Darius gasped, pulling shield and warhammer from his back and swinging with all his might. The hammer smashed through the rotting, wooden shield of the beast and crushed its chest, propelling the goblin against the cavern wall. Death was instant, and with blood on his hammer the Paladin struggled to his feet, hoping for all the world that he was not alone in this fight.
  2. In the tumultuous chaos I somehow managed to find a life boat. The small ship we rode in on was sinking quickly and this seemed to be the last available life boat. We had to make it.

    "Get in if ye know what good fer ye!" I yelled to a few crew members. I started lowering the boat as they made their way towards the life boat. We were close to the island now, and the goblins who guarded our entrance. They hurled javelins and barked at us like savages.

    Plop. Someone had jumped into the life boat with me, thank the Gods I wasn't alone. "Glad ye made it!" I said, grabbing on to the oars of the small boat as I looked over my shoulder towards the island. "Here..." I turned around to give whoever joined me an oar. A look of horror spread across my face. There was a puddle of crimson at my feet, pouring from the mutilated face of my comrade.

    I couldn't do anything for him at that point, he was already gone. Now he was just adding to the weight of the boat. I didn't want to, but I had to...I stopped rowing for a brief moment, grabbed his limp, heavy body, and tossed him into the water. My heart cringed with sadness. Everyone was dead, or at least I assumed so.

    The rolling waves caused the tiny life boat to tumble and roll violently towards the Island, I almost didn't have to row anymore except to keep stable. The mouth of the cave was near, and with all of the javelins exhausted, the goblins jumped around, awaiting our arrival. Mine was sooner rather than later.

    The boat crashed into the shallows, allowing me to hop out, knee deep in bloody water. I readied my axe and buckler as one of the more frisky goblins rushed towards me. He wielded a makeshift morningstar and a light shield, no match for my superior dwarven armaments!

    As he neared, I swung my axe horizontally, chopping the goblin's shield arm off completely and stopping halfway through his chest. I yanked my axe out with a hard tug and stepped on the goblin's corpse as I marched forward towards a strong fighter. He had just pulverized one of these goblins with his mighty hammer.

    "Well met friend!" I said, waving my shield in the air.
  3. Even now, the storm had followed him. The dark-garbed man seemed one of the few calm individuals, looking through the eye-holes of the dragon skull he wore as a helmet up towards the blackened sky. The smell of blood added to the scene, and he turned to watch the crew-member beside him sink to the deck of the ship. It seemed about time to leave - he turned just in time to see a dwarven man and a crew member make off with a lifeboat. As he scanned the ship, he noticed it was the final lifeboat.

    The splintering of wood against his helmet made him realize now wasn't really the time to ponder his next action. Turning to look at the island, the man rose above the side of the ship, smoothly flinging himself into the chilling waters. All he could think to do was hold on to the heavy dragon skull, rising from the water a few moments later.

    He saw the little beast waiting for him on the steps - deciding he would rather not move forward to face the green-skinned beast in a fight it wanted, he whipped the crossbow from his coat, shooting at the creature from within the water. The crest of a wave smashes into his back, causing his shot to go wide. He reloads the crossbow with a look of determination - the little bastard would have to come out here to attack him with that morningstar, because he was perfectly happy to take potshots at it.

    Noticing two individuals on the shore - including the dwarven man from before, as he called out, "Hey! Could I get some help over here?"
  4. The Goblin gang was bold, moreso for years of hunger honed by a diet of fish and scraps. They made their attack with chattering screeches amplified by the cavern walls. One of them plunged down the steps into the water, trying to swing its morningstar at Lindon, but the mossy stone gave no purchase. With a shriek the goblin slipped and crashed beneath the waves, flailing next to Lindon.

    Another two, while not so foolish, were yet stubborn enough to charge the two warriors who had slain their brethren. One of them swung his morning star straight at Darius, but hit only the wide expanse of his shield, which the Paladin had got into position. Another, thinking the shorter Dwarf an easier target, made the same move, but found his morningstar merely glancing the scale mail on Mallow's leg. Each Goblin drew back, keeping the higher ground, raising their shields.

    Beyond the cave the frigate had vanished beneath the tide and the other rowboats reduced to splinters. The storm was swelling, each wave crashing higher, the rain falling harder. The sea serpent... or whatever it truly was... moved like ink around the beleagured sailors, dragging each one down to untimely doom.
  5. Darius felt the clunk of goblin metal against his steel. This was not the half-spirited tap of training, nor the strike of a brawling brother. This beast meant to kill him and make a meal of his flesh. The Paladin's heart was racing, his clothing soaked, rain and rock scratching every inch of flesh. As one goblin crashed into the water next to Lindon, it made him panic for his own footing. He twisted the shield, coming down slightly to give himself an opening, but his swing went wide. The momentum sent his boot slipping to the next step down, a lurch that jarred his bones.

    He had to whirl his arms to keep balance as a wave crashed behind him. And as he found his footing he put his body behind his shield, yelling across at Mallow. "KEEP GOING!"

    They had to claim the stairs. It was either this narrow ledge or the sea and everything in it.
  6. I stood only a little bit closer to the human with the hammer before The clan of goblinoids attacked again. This time two more jumped out. Luckily my new ally and myself both avoided damage. A weak hit to my leg stood no match for my sturdy armor! I struck the goblin down with one fell blow as a cry for help rang out from behind us.

    "Hey! Could I get some help over here?"


    Both stood out to me. Being a fighter, I was no stranger to combat or the tactics involved. But there was someone else in need...Tactical advantage was most important at the moment. It could help save all of our lives. I hoped that the one asking for assistance would be okay. I looked at the human with the hammer and nodded "Aye!" before pushing forward towards and onto the stairs, holding steady, preparing for any attack.
  7. "Damnit."

    Turning to face the goblin that had so kindly chosen to join him in the water, Lindon struck out with a fist to strike the little bastard in the head. Feeling his own weak attempt at killing the creature do very little other than annoy it, he took a quick swish back in the water. Gritting his teeth against the cold, already shivering, he raises his crossbow and shoots, just grazing his opponent. With a practiced motion, he loaded another bolt into the crossbow. All he could do now was brace himself for the goblin's retaliation.

    "I can't get a good shot! If it kills me, you'll be flanked!"
  8. The Goblin squawked as Lindon punched it, losing any chance of getting its head above the water. Spluttering, it dropped its shield and swung wildly with its morning star, the spiked head lashing out of the water just as blindly. With Lindon anchored to a rock and the goblin in open waves, it didn't stand a chance.

    On the steps above, the remaining goblin skirmisher tried to exploit Darius's fall. With all its strength the greenskin swung it's morning star, but the head found only the steel of the Paladin's shield. Hissing, the Goblin kept its shield up and backed away, ensuring both Darius and Mallow were still in view.

    And at the crest of the stairs, a final Goblin appeared, howling in rage. Around its neck hung the key for the dungeon door, which it had locked as its comrades battled. It still had its javelin. It hurled it with full force at Mallow and the blade plunged into the Dwarf's shoulder [3 damage]. The goblin howl became a snarl of satisfaction. It readied its shield and morningstar, daring the wounded Dwarf to charge.
  9. Darius could hear the man in the water calling. Luckily, Lindon had found a rock to cling to and was anchored against the crashing waves. The Goblin thrashing before him was dangerous, no doubt, but lacked the strength to defy the ocean. Darius prayed the man would be alright. And in any case, he had his own fiend to deal with. As the morningstar slammed once more against his shield, the Paladin rose and powered forward, driving the spiked shield against his enemy. But the Goblin had its own shield up. The slam sent shook both antagonists, but they held their ground.

    Beside him, the Dwarf took a javelin to the shoulder. The stairs were slick with spray and the bodies of the first three goblins. And with every second the tide was rising. Unless they took the stairs soon, there would be nothing left of this expedition.
  10. As I made my way up the stairs, farther up, a goblin appeared to confront me...really, these green skins should have just given up. They were pitiful and stood no...


    The little bastard hit me, he hit me with a javelin. I yelled out in pain as the javelin stuck into my shoulder. Dropping my shield, I pulled the javelin from the new wound, throwing it to the ground. I clenched my axe with both hands and pushed forward towards the goblin, adrenaline pumping through my veins to numb the pain in my shoulder.

    I swung at the little devil with all of my strength, putting the head of my axe right through his collarbone, snapping his ribs as i cut an angle across his chest. Blood crept down my axe and poured from the pitiful goblin. Any attempt at defense was futile, he couldn't run, he couldn't block, he was dead before he knew what to do.

    I knelt down to grab something off of the goblin. From around the corpse's neck, I pulled a key. Keys were always good to have, especially while treasure hunting. I pondered what this key could possibly open for only a second, then I looked around to assess the situation.
  11. [size=+1]GARRICK

    Attempting to escape from a ship that is in the process of being torn to pieces by some terror from the depths of the ocean truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

    Or at least I really hope it is.

    The lifeboats have already been jettisoned as I sprint across the splintering deck, hurling myself from the ship as it crumbles and landing with a crunch down in one of the small boats. For a moment the wind is knocked from my lungs and I lie there, gasping for air that seemingly will not come, as we row towards the entrance of the cave after the remaining boats.
    “Evenin’, gentlemen,” I finally manage to gasp out to my companions aboard the boat, “Tis a fine night for desperately rowing for our lives, don’cha thi--”

    My glib comment is cut short by the sound of rushing water behind us, and suddenly I find myself airborne hurtling through the cave mouth as something gargantuan crashes down on the back of our lifeboat. I let out a terrified yelp as the water seemingly rushes up to meet me, and then I’m suddenly underwater, swimming for my life against the current and the weight of my equipment.

    Somehow I emerge panting at the end of the cave, near to the steps that lead up to the entrance of the dungeon. I emerge to the sound of combat; one of the human soldiers, swinging a warhammer and shield, is taking the fight to a group of goblins with an axe-wielding dwarf. Nearby a darkly-clad bloke clings to a rock jutting out from the cave as another goblin flails wildly at him with a mace from the water.

    Time to earn that pardon, I suppose.

    Hauling myself out of the water and onto the steps, I drop to one knee and bring up my crossbow to aim at the goblin harassing the man on the rocks. The warriors taking the fight to the goblins up the steps look like they’re doing okay, whereas this fellow needs some support.

    Letting loose the bolt, I watch it soar across the water and sink into the goblin’s shoulder. Not my best shot, but it might just be enough. “That rock don’t like mighty stable, friend!” I call across to the man, “Might wanna get yourself somewhere more solid! Like, oh say, here!”

    Swinging around, I prepare to reload and assist the two fighters on the steps with the remaining goblins.[/size]
  12. Clinging to the rock, the man struggles to get a good shot on the goblin before him. The storm and the clatter of battle behind him - he wasn't expecting it to be like this. Remembering the days where he could prepare for a confrontation - summoned demons, poisons, and control of his friend's undead. Yet again, his attack just barely missed his opponent, the flailing goblin just too small a target for him to hit, even at this range.

    Yet, a bolt hit the goblin nonetheless. Turning his head, Lindon noticed the halfling that spoke, inwardly breathing a sigh of relief. "I think I'll take you up on that one!" Taking the man's advice, he launched himself from the rock, swimming the short distance over to the halfling. The dark-garbed man adjusts his dragon-skull of a helmet, reloading his own crossbow. Still, he took the time to smile thankfully at the man, "Thank you for the support - I owe you for that, if we both make it through this." Feeling a little better about how this battle might go, he glances across the battle to take stock of what already happened. With a nod, the man makes up his mind on what to do next...
  13. He had been punched, shot and half-drowned. And this morning the others had taken his food. This was not the Goblin runt's day. Swimming after Lindon, it tried to grab his ankle and pull him under, but the greenskin's fingers could not find purchase. Splashing and howling, it tried instead to get at the rocks where the two adventurers were. It would rip these humans limb from limb if it had to. And maybe then it would have a meal all to itself.

    Meanwhile the remaining skirmisher, unaware that it's leader had been deciated by the Dwarf's charge, pushed back on Darius's shield and made for another attack. But again he hit only steel. He could not get at the man's soft parts, even with the advantage of high ground. It would need to change tactics. Spreading its feet and bringing in its arms, it prepared to bullrush the Paladin when his next swing took him off balance.

    Let the water do what his morningstar could not.

  14. The Dwarf was a force of nature. Three goblins torn to pieces. Darius thanked the gods this ally had made it to the steps. Fuelled by his example, Darius drew to his full height and swung the warhammer at the remaining skirmisher. But the fiend swayed, letting the hammer pass inches from his skull, and came back at him. Darius was off balance. He felt his luck was about to run out.
  15. [size=+1]GARRICK

    “That’s quite an ‘if’ right now, friend!” I exclaim with a wild laugh as the goblin in the water begins to drag it’s way towards us. I slam another bolt into my crossbow and draw the string back as the creature launches itself at me, swinging it’s morningstar wildly.

    It’s attack falls short as I duck to one side, bringing my weapon up and letting loose another bolt at the creature. There’s an audible crunch as the bolt slams into the side of the goblin’s skull, sending the creature toppling to the ground lifelessly.

    “And that, ladies and gentlemen,” I yell triumphantly as I turn to survey the rest of the fight, “is why one does not fuck with Garrick Proudfoot! Now which one of you green-skinned shitepokes is next?!”

    Showboating, maybe, but it beats panicking and screaming like a small child.[/size]
  16. I watched as the man with the warhammer traded swings with a goblin. He swung and missed, throwing himself off balance which left him open for an attack, this was not good. I knew I had to help. I readied my axe and charged towards my ally, aiming to flank the goblin. Using this combat advantage, he will surely fall!

    I readied my feet and sprung into a charge down the stairs towards the runt of a goblin. My axe held high above my head, came down in a powerful strike, gashing open a grievous wound to spray blood from the goblin's back. The goblin fell to the ground, limp from death, and I kicked it aside as I looked over my shoulder to the figure...no two figures in the water. Someone else had joined, and they seemed to fair well enough. They hadn't drowned or been mutilated, so I felt more at ease. One of them even boasted loudly and proudly.

    I didn't notice any more goblins immediately around us. Now there was this storm and violent waters, we had to move quickly. The two in the water were in the most danger. The waters were getting higher and more violent.

    "Come on! Ye've gotta move! Get outta' that water! Up the stairs! Quickly!" My own actions should have been enough to see the severity of the situation. I ran up the stairs and grabbed my buckler on the way. Reaching the top, I used the key from the goblin to unlock the single door. Hopefully everyone else followed with no problems.
  17. Blood, dark and sickly, sprayed across Darius's face. The Goblin had been about to bullrush him into the water when the Dwarf came barrelling back down the steps. Four kills - this was a fighter worth sticking close to. Adrenaline made him wretch for a moment as the peril receded, then a fresh surge came as he turned to see the swelling waters. The other sailors, the royal soldiers, the convicts and mercenaries - they had been scattered. He couldn't even see their bodies, nor hear their screams in the thunderous storm. Each wave brought more water crashing into the cave and up the steps.

    His heart screamed to help those people. But his mind knew he was seconds from being swept away. Though it tore him apart, he had to accept that he could only save those who had made it this far.

    His decision was confirmed as the terrifying serpent which had sunk the frigate came slithering over the threshold of the cave, massive and putrid green. Its head rose from the water. It's insectoid legs braced the cavern walls. Its jaw was opening and beneath its scales came luminescent white, charging with power.

    "Shit!" Turning to the wreckage of the longboat, he saw two survivors amidst the impaled crewmen - the skull-helmed man from before and a victorious halfling. He yelled across at them. "UP THE STAIRS! HURRY!"

    The Dwarf had already unlocked the door. Scrambling up the moss-lined steps and over the goblin remains, Darius felt the first crackle of electric building in the serpent's lungs. He lunged into the room just as the first spark struck the stone and blew chunks from the cavern wall. He got inside, turning to kneel with his shield to the entrance, waiting for the others. "MOVE!"
  18. [size=+1]GARRICK

    The water keeps rising, the storm outside continues to rage, and that aforementioned horror from the depths seems to have almost finished playing organic wrecking-ball with the ships. Which means it’s likely to start on us soon.

    I sling my crossbow over my back as the two fighters further up the steps yell at my skull-helmed companion and I.
    “They’re making some damn fine sense so they are, chum!” I observe to Mister Skull-Helmet, “Let’s get moving, before--”

    My sentence is cut off as a bolt of lightning slams into the wall further up the steps, narrowly missing the human soldier. At first I think that the storm has somehow reached the cave, but I know that cannot be right. No, something’s aiming for us. My sense of self-preservation informs me that I should save the remarks for later and look to saving my arse just now, and I couldn’t agree with it more; without another word I begin to leap up the mossy steps, over goblin bodies and spatters of blood.

    As I reach the top of the steps another arc of electricity is launched, headed straight for me. Instinct tells me to dodge at just the right moment, as the charge blasts chunks out of the cave wall I swing into a roll beneath it in a smooth, graceful motion before rising again to my feet and throwing myself through the open door.

    I’m hoping Mister Skull-Helmet isn’t far behind me. I went to a lot of trouble to stop him from winding up as goblin food; it’d be a damn shame to see him cooked now.[/size]
  19. I made my way up the stairs quickly, but something was odd, looming even. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as the crackle of electricity resounded throughout the cave. I glanced back only to see the massive serpent that destroyed the expedition! It was horrifying, and he wasn't taking any prisoners. Building up static charge, it almost looked like it was grinning at us.

    I watched as my comrades rolled and dodged and ducked out of harms way as lightning buzzed and zapped all around us. I narrowly escaped a blast myself, as my feet tingled from a small amount of charge that had arced off of a strike that hit the ground near me. Reaching the door that i had previously unlocked and barreled in, yelling "In here! C'mon!"
  20. Thankful for the halfling to have delt with the goblin so well, Lindon found himself once again on the move. Cursing his water-soaked trappings, the man whirled around to face the storm. He knew no truename, could summon no beast capable of facing whatever still lurked for them in the water - which, far too suddenly for his taste, became revealed. The massive serpent was something out of a nightmare. "Falazure preserve me." Citing a short prayer to the Dragon of Death, the man turned and fled up the stairs, matching the smaller being's footsteps.

    Rising water and monsters - Lindon's senses took stock of the room before them, as time seemed to slow for him. The Night Dragon must indeed have plans for the cultist, or else - why would he be alive this long? Whatever favor Lindon might have culled with the creature he so worshipped... or maybe Falazure just hated serpents. A jolt of lightning arced toward the man... Lindon could feel it coming. Some force tugged at the cultist, an invisible claw of faith sweeping him safely to the side, the human man looking back at the creature with a snarl as he sped up the stairs, spitting venomous words at it, "Writhe in obscurity, beast!"

    Reaching a hand up to hold his helmet in place, he sped past the kneeling shield-bearer. He vowed countless revenges on the beast behind them... but for now, he was content to continue existing.
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