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  1. I'm still trying to figure out this whole role playing thing since I'm used to writing stories on my own but don't have the time. If someone who knows what they're doing could help me, that'd be lovely. I'm up for most topics so, shoot. :)
  2. First of all, your avatar is absolutely adorable.

    Is there anything specific you need help with?
    Roleplaying is basically writing a story with other people, but you only control your character in the overarching story. Sort of like real life, if you plopped a ragtag group of characters into a whirlwind of plot-ness.
    What would a sweet little girl do when faced with a dragon trying to eat her?

    So, do you have any amazing ideas for stuff you'd like to do? Maybe a star-crossed prince and princess, or a demon threatening to take away the first-born son, or... x)
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  3. Thanks! I like your avatar too :) And thank you so much for explaining, it makes much more sense now. Where can I find a plot to 'plop into'? I like most plots so I don't really have preferences.
  4. Hey! So Iwaku has thing program called Mentorship. You can have an experienced roleplayer as your mentor to help you get started!
    You can check it out here [x] !
  5. Well, on the main page there's the Roleplay section with lots of different genres. I'd suggest looking in the OOC thread sections beneath each genre for a story you'd like to be a part of (or go straight to the Jump-In section, where's you can just... jump in and play!).

    Is there anything you're specifically in the mood to roleplay? I'm in some pretty cool roleplays at the moment, if you need some suggestions!