Help with Doctor Who RPG campaign

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  1. I'm planing to start an irl RPG campaign but I need a muse. I'm really bad at coming up with ideas and I need to have the general idea of the story arch before I start the game. Otherwise I'll be a mess.

    About the campaign:
    It's a Doctor Who campaign, so lots of sci-fi stuff and weird aliens. As characters we have are the Doctor (naturally), an absent minded, gray haired university professor and a young ambitious journalist.

    The biggest problem I have is, that the Doctor has just regenerated and has lost his memory, he doesn't remember what caused his regeneration and what led it. He can still remember all that happened before that, though. I have and idea that he was captured by Time-Lord-like race (not the Time Lords themselves, mind, they're still stuck in that time loop where the Doctor locked them) who perhaps made hime do horrible stuff he didn't want to do and when he wasn't any use to them anymore they wiped his memory and forced him to regenerate. (need help with that race too! name, other attributes, etc.) That's the idea I have but if you have better ideas, please do tell. :)

    The whole idea of the campaign is that the Doctor tries to find out why he lost his memory, and of course to travel through time and space with his new companions. What I need help with is the story arch. They need to find small clues on their way, something that repeats itself on every gaming session (little bit like the crack in the wall from season 5). And at what point and how they find out about the real villains.

    If you're interested in Doctor Who or you just have good ideas, SHARE THME WITH ME!! :)

    Thank you. :)

  2. I'm interested but Doctor Who stuff really gets complicated in the rough of it. Just be prepared.
  3. I know! That's why I need someone to share ideas with so that I don't get tangled in my own timey-wimey plot...
  4. I heard there was science. And Doctor Who.
  5. Well, as for something to tie the different events together, perhaps something that the Doctor managed to leave behind as a trail while he was controlled. What this could be would depend on what characteristics the Doctor would have.

    If you need a way for the Doctor to have done terrible things, perhaps the race managed to let the Doctor's dark side (The Dream Lord) take control.

    As for attributes of the race, what way are you wanting to go with them, more than just time-lord like. In all honestly time lords before the time war tried not to interfere with what happened in the universe.