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  1. I am sorry if I make this drawn out, long, and possibly boring thread. But, I want you to know why this is a sore subject to me. And to help provide facts for anyone who may not know the situation in hopes you will understand that this is not fair and wrong.
    Ever since grade school, I have been active in signing petitions and spreading word to shut down the last few remaining horse slaughter plants in the US. Now that that dream has come true, more people are complaining and making it possible for a come back of horse slaughter. But, in a different way.
    The Bureau of Land Management, or BLM, has one responsibility to PROTECT herds of wild horses and manage them in a humane way. Wild horses and burros are protected under a law that passed in 1971, The Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. Another bill was being proposed in 2009, and didn't even pass the Senate to compliment that Act. Now, I only bring that up because here is the deal.
    Ranchers in Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada are complaining that the wild horse herds are destroying the PUBLIC lands and are leaving little for their livestock to graze on. Here's the fact about that. Of all the public BLM lands, ranchers graze their livestock on 18 million acres of land, and less than 4 million of that is being used to graze the wild horses. That is roughly 80% of the allocated land going to ranchers. So, who really has the population problem here?
    Roughly an estimated 3,000 horses and burros will be rounded up THIS year, and again next year, and transported to stockpile holdings where they will more than likely starve and die due to fear, the change in their food. An already reported 100 horses have died because of this. Those who are adopted out, will be sold over seas to go to their slaughter houses because despite the BLM laws in place to avoid that, it will happen.
    They want to spend American taxpayer money to transport the wild burros to Guatemala to be used as working animals. A place where no welfare laws are in place for animals, and will be starved and worked into the ground.
    I am asking for your help to end this. The 18 million acres of land provided by the BLM was meant to protect these animals, and now they are using it for ranchers who get tax subsidies for grazing their livestock on the provided land. The first link will have the petition for the wild horses, what you can do to add your voice to this cause, and to help return the wild horses and burros back to the land they belong to. The second link will have the petition for not providing our burros as work animals. Even if you do not like animals, at least understand that they have broken and bent laws for their own selfish needs of money and have lost the sight of what the BLM is supposed to do. If they can get away with this, even with more than enough signatures to have stopped this in the first place, imagine what others are going to do in the future. What other laws are they going to break to get what they want? If you add your name, I am grateful and appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you don't, I understand and will not judge you by that choice. This is not a place for me to judge your own personal choice, but to bring light the situation and make the BLM and their agency pay for not upholding a law that was put in place to protect these animals in the first place because of their rapid decline in years before. Again, thank you for reading if you did, and thank you for signing if you chose to do so.
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