PAID COMMISSIONS 'Help Onyx Save Up For His Surgery' Commissions [as low as $5!]


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I'm set to begin my transition soon (WOW SCARY) so I am looking into opening art commissions for some extra income! I'm currently offering chibis, bust portraits, and experimental sketches! I'm sorry this isn't fancier. I'm doing my best y'all

+1 character - $15

Other examples: [X]


Other examples: [X] [X]


Other examples: [X] [X] [X]

More art here! (what do people use to professionally host art these days? still deviantart? probably not an imgur album I tell ya)

1. For chibis/portraits: I request half payment after delivering a preliminary sketch. Once the sketch is approved and payment is received, I will finish your artwork. The image you receive upon completion will be watermarked until the remaining amount is paid. For experimental sketches: I take payment upfront.
2. Payment is through PayPal only.
3. Please be patient with me! I have a day job, and I am a slow worker. My approximate working time is 2-3 weeks, and I will keep you updated as I work. However, I am more than willing to work with you on a deadline, I.E. for Christmas or a birthday!
4. Requests for small edits are welcome at any time during the commission progress for free. However, should you request a large edit that would require redrawing the whole image after it has been approved and completed (sketch phase is fine of course), I will require a fee.
5. You will receive the high res .png file after receiving full payment.
6. I require some kind of visual reference for your character. They can be very simple, but there needs to be something.

Will Draw
- Male and female humanoid characters
- Soft furries
- HAs

Will Not Draw
- Animals/quads (I am still practicing!)
- Full furries (also still practicing!)
- Mechs

Please PM ME with this form filled out!

Wanted: Chibi, portrait, or sketch
Character Reference:
Character Personality:
Additional Character Info:

I'm keeping this simple for now. As I learn, I'll no doubt edit and refine this, but this will do for now!
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I would love an experimental sketch from you!