Help me design my computer room?


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So last year I inherited Mr Gibs' old gaming PC, which is amazing because for years and years and I had been on laptops. They were decent laptops in most respects, but I couldn't really play games on them very easily. (Most notably, Sims 3 which is a nightmare the more packs you add). Since then we've discovered there's not really any comfortable space for me and a PC. Ó,Ò With my laptop I could move from the couch to the kitchen table to bed whenever it pleased me, or when a room was noisy, or when someone is sleeping. This giantass PC is not so easy to move. In the bedroom I can't stay up late cause it disturbs the hubbo, and in the livingroom/kitchen there's no good places for a computer desk and then people disturb me.

We've come to the conclusion that I'mma turn our guest room into a computer room and library. ⊙◇⊙ We can always get a blowup bed or sleepable futon for the room.

Unfortunately we do have a current house hobbit again, so I won't be moving in there anytime soon, which is fine, BECAUSE DIANA IS A LONG-TERM PLANNER I gotta save up money for a desk anyway. D:

Outside of the desks I already picked out, I don't know what else to put in this room. ⊙,◡ I don't want it to be a boring white room with dumb carebear stickers on the fan blades. I want it to be a comfortable writing, reading, art, gaming, space. It needs to be beautiful and comfy cause I'm gonna be spending a good 10 hours a day in there.

What cool stuff do you recommend for Diana's new work space?

Price range? Uh... Lets say that items over 100 bucks take me months to save for, BUT since this is an idea wish list, have at it. 8D If I love something I can always find a cheapo budget version. Things I love: Owls, Space, Witchcraft, Glitter, Holo, Teal